Thursday, June 30, 2011

Follow or Vote Please!

Readers, we need your help to vote or follow this Blog => this Blog is created by Anze, she is the vice from Central Java for National Jamboree, and this time the competition subject is about Blog Creation. So help her with follow or vote or even give comment on the Blog. We really appreciate it, thank you everyone! \(^^)/

Saturday, June 25, 2011

On Vacation!

Hi guys \(^^)/ now I spend some holiday in Jakarta! My family including me stays in Jakarta for 3 weeks #cheers But still, I'm worrying about the last classmeeting... Many critics appears but not directly to me. Oh whatever, their fault, they don't say it directly to me, so I'll ignore 'em until my time for get a rest is over. I'm so tired (both physically and mentally) so give me time to have a break. Alright, I'll have some fun in Jakarta first guys, catch you later!