Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hello readers, nowadays I'm having fun by sketching and painting. I'm a newbie in this case. Idk cus nowadays there are so many inspiration around me that I wanted to paint or sketch. I'll post some of my creation right after this, what do u guys think?

But last night I got issues with my papa, when I told my parents since I uploaded my creations, some teens wanted me to draw a sketch for them. Suddenly papa said that they should pay for 1 million. Liek what?? U think imma pro sketcher or what? Sounds ridic I guess. And he said that these stuffs annoyed my study hours. Hello, have u ever ask me about my school grades? I'm pretty fine with my school grades. I don't think this activity isn't gonna be a disturbance in my education path. So like in the end he said "okay, do whatever u like" but then he slam my bedroom's door. If u were me, what would u do??

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Guy

So like, have you ever adore somebody? yes I'm having that feeling right now. We were close since nov 13. He's my classmate. When we were on a trip to Bali, he confessed to me. He's having the same feeling as I am. I accepted him. And there he was, my boyf. After I got home from Bali, I told it to mom and dad but unfortunately they disagree to see us together. Maybe it's bcus I'm a moslem while he isn't. Idk. Now he's my precious partner. Sometimes I called him ciwis, or bendel, or piggi, or bonar. So many way I can call him haha. He's a funny guy. Not so smart but hilarious, I like it. Now he's my chairmate. He's pretty loyal but sometime he can turn into a nasty friend ahahahas-_- What I like from his appearance is his eyes. So deep. So gorgeous. But also thrilling. Idk, maybe you guys don't believe it but when you see this guy in person, you'll get it.

  This is us, yesterday at a restaurant nearby our school haha

Thanks for the treat dude!

See? I told ya he's hilarious

We're not in a relationship any longer but I'm glad we can keep ourselves close to each other :)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hi readers, it's been forever right? I haven't post anything like forever. Well maybe it's bcus I'm not a routine blogger/fashion blogger. First of all you guys must know that I and 'him' aren't together anymore. I left 'him'. It's a long story. But now I have a new crush hahaaaasss

Recently I've been a busy one since my high school tasks will take forever to make, my mom and dad also expect me to be the first rank in class like the first semester. Beside, I'm busy wif my modeling class. I joined a modeling class called Elmosta. It's pretty popular in Semarang. Elmosta already made many models and stars. I wish I can be one of Elmosta's proud one day, amen. The one who trained all of us is always Mas Odi (except for the catwalk, sometimes a designer named Mas Eko also trained us), he's talented and also have a great taste in art. I joined Elmosta since January 2014. Since that, I already joined 2 photoshoots. Here are the results guys, hope you guys enjoy it<3 p="">

 From my first photoshoot hahaa

 My second photoshoot! Better than the first rite?

 Left to right: Mbak Triyas (Mas Odi's assitant), Sherly, Tania, Mega, Devina, (me!), Dea

 I love this pict so much<3 p="">

Guess that's what I've been working on. I'm chasing my dream. If I could I wanna be Asia's Next Top Model. Just wish me luck I can live my dream. This is my small step to reach it.