Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tour the Tournament

Yesterdat, my lil bro Rio and his Kubota soccer school squad had a tournament in Kavaleri field, Ambarawa.I, mom, dad and Rio started the journey from home 6:22 AM sharp. We decided to have a breakfast first at KFC Srondol :)


I forgot what time did we arrive at Kalaveri field, but I got some photos :D


Warming up! XD

Strategy meeting

Rio and dad ;)



We took a lunch in a restaurant and when we about to went back to Kavaleri field, we passed Rawa Pening and we saw this amazing view :)


And anyway, on Kavaleri field there's General Soedirman statue, here's the pict ;)


On the back of the statue, there's this historical wall :)

Me charming lil bro :*




And here are the photos of the third game of my lil bro's game







Kubota lose on the last game, but they succeeded to move to the semifinal this Sunday :) Here's the crazy pict of dad XD lol


Before we went home, we took dinner in Pizza Hut Banyumanik and I finally ate Beef Lasagna~ :3


My delicious Beef Lasagna :9

Dish of Love

A few days ago, 'he' visited my house. Guess what? 'He' cooked an omelette for me :$ isn't that sweet? This is the first time my bf cook me something to eat, so it was really exciting for me -^^- Here are the photos that I took \m/




Yummy Omelette by Chef Fathul XD

And also, I cooked a dish of fried rice for 'him'. I cooked for him on Friday, 11th March 12 :) yes, in the day of our first year anniv. Here are the photos :D

Not so tidy but actually this is my original dish cooked on my own :)


I really love to spend my time with 'him' and I also wanna be the best as I can for 'him' {}

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Virtual Museum Invented

Hello guys, I don't know what should I write but I want to write a post for today. Now I'm downloading Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum. Just like its name, it is a virtual museum which Valentino Garavani created. It contains many fashion outfits that he designed. Anyway, this is the first virtual museum invented :) its download size is 8.1 MB. I'm about to run this application :D And here's the screen capture of Valentino Garavani's Virtual Museum guys.


This application is stunning! I love Valentino Garavani's virtual museum so much! It's just like brings you to the "Hall of Fame" of Valention Garavani's. Interested in this application? You just need to download it guys :) Enjoy this app!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's First Satnite Dude!

This Saturday Night, 'he' came to my house :D for your notes, today is our satnite that we through together so I really excited with this~ 'He' came because no one was in 'his' house so 'he' decided to come to my house ;) Well, in my house, 'he' ate fried rice that I made. 'He' also opened 'his' Twitter and Facebook account. 'He' is so cuuuttteeeeeeee XDD want to know why? Because 'he' is adorable. It's okay right if I bolded and underlined the word adorable? Because HE IS. 'He' also played football with Rio in my house, they were really having fun of it :D love you boys~

'He' designed a running Nike shoes by himself and here's the pic :)


Isn't that sweet? XD I hope we can through Saturday night with 'him' again #AMEN :*

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our First Year Anniversary

Hello viewers :) today, Sunday, March 11th 2012. Guess what? YES! Our first year anniversary XD But still I've got a lotta things to do for example, on 9 AM I went to Putri's house, practicing for the Music Practicum Test. On 11 AM, I should go to school for preparing for PE Practicum Test. Well, 'he' picked me up with the "orange-alphard" (a.k.a. Angkot :D) Then we walk down the street to Indomaret because I've to buy something; SNACKS XD We arrived at home then we watched Paranormal Activity 3 on 'his' laptop. Anyway, 'he' wanna write something in this post :)

I ate the lollipop that she gave to me in Val's Day 2012. And we took pictures for this.

Lol. I love his write :) I hope we could celebrate our second year anniversary #AMEN. Down here are the greetings that our friends gave to us via Twitter :D Big thanks for all of ya guys :*

Friday, March 9, 2012


Have I told you that Amel is sick? Well, let me tell you from the beginning. On Monday, when the Ethics class was runnning. She fell asleep besides Via. She was sitting next to Via. When the break time bell was ringing, Via tried to make Amel awake. But Amel's breath wasn't stable. Then, we layed her body on the chairs. Ms.Fuk tried to help. We also tried our best to help her. Ms.Fuk called Mr.Oky and asked him to bring Amel to the nearest hospital. Amel rushed to Banyumanik Hospital. And now, she's still in a hospital. But yesterday she decided to move up from Banyumanik Hospital to Telogorejo Hospital. As I know, her sickness is caused by her asthma. She can't breath normally without oxygen tube. Yesterday, we visited Amel on Telogorejo. The number of person who visited her was 18 from 22 :D Naufal, Fahmi and Ayu didn't come with us because Fahmi and Ayu got an additional class. But I dunno about Naufal. I, Novi, Via, Masyitha, Ichi and Ila went there by Via's car. Via's car was amazing. Guess what? A white Alphard --" On the first time, we decided to go there by angkot (a.k.a the orange Alphard, lol) but Via told us that she'll lend a car. I'm surprised when I realize that we'll go there by with an Alphard, lol XD

Anyway, the boys went to Telogorejo by Wibi's car. When they went to the motorcycle parking lane, they had a fight with Senior High students --" I guess the problem was just a miss-understanding. Unfortunately, Raka got some punch from the Senior High students. While Aufal wasn't hurt even he wasn't touched by them just a finger. Geez. I'll say, the boys weren't lucky last day. And as we know, Mr.Oky is kinda an Intel person. Yeah,  he knew about this case and he told the ninth grader this morning; not to look for a fight. One thing that he should know, last day was unpredictable for boys of 9C -_-"

Is this week is 9C's most unlucky week? *sighs

Friday, March 2, 2012

Full-Course in March

Haven't I told ya? In march there will be a Try Out from education ministry of Semarang in the first week, practicum test in the second week and a School Final Examination in the last week. March will be a very busy month -.-" Exactly, full of study. But I'll not forget this month's 11th day :) This is my first date who reaches 12 months age. So I'm really looking forward to it ^^

Actually, I'm writing this post in 9C class while listening to Cody Simpson's On My Mind. I'm getting bored you know? The fact is Ms. Megi doesn't teach us. She just told us what should we do for the English practicum  test. In English practicum test, there are two categories, those are writing and speaking. The writing test will be start tomorrow. In my plan, I'll write a narrative text for the test. But what will I write? --" I have no idea.While for the speaking I'll take the narrative text either. But still I have no idea for it. What should I tell guys? For the speaking category we should bring some stuff so we can make the audience easily understand what are we telling about. Just like a  story telling contest huh? --"

Well, here's my practicum test schedule for this month :
  • Monday, 12 March 2012 => Physics and Music class
  • Tuesday, 13 March 2012 => Sport and English
  • Wednesday, 14 March 2012 => Javanese and Biology
  • Thursday, 15 March 2012 => Indonesian and Art class
  • Friday, 16 March 2012 => Religion and IT
I hope I can make it perfectly for the exam >.<" Just wish me luck for it :D Anyway, I've already finished my oil painting, maybe on the next post I'll show you guys ;)

And have I told you? *again. Yesterday 'he' picked me to Neutron course :D It was the first time! XD When I were about to start, I bought two Magnum Classic ice creams for both of us :) He was really cute when he eat the ice cream <3 I also got two photos when he was eating the ice cream, he's cute~ <3