Friday, July 23, 2010

Jerk Juniors

Today, Chamber Scout members will train the 7th grader when the Scout Time(freshmen, well yahh)
When the Scout Time, Lina said that everyone must bring ballpoint anywhere
One of the 7th grader said "the one who doesn't carry a ballpoint are 26 JHS student, how about you sis, do you bring a ballpoint?" in my heart "hahahhahah!! so you are teasing me, huh?! great one, eh! right on the spot!" so I said "I left it, so what?!"
She keep quite and I walked away and told it to my friends
Another misery, someone who wanna be the squad leader for boys had to made a line
One of them said to me "sis, you may not wear a shirt behind ur uniform," in my heart "who the heck are ya?! HELLOO~!! I'm the senior here! u entered the 21 JHS not more in 3 weeks!!!! an you're so arrogant!!! My Gosh!!! Terrible!!" so I said "what did u say?!" "ee...eerrr...nothing ma'am!" "arrh..." "mameeen!" "huh?!" "the senior is so *sengak*" "what the hell!!"
One more, the 7th grader must be quite and calm when Mrs. Anti was talking, so I said "sssh!" to the 7th grader, the 7th grader repeated my word!!! arrgghh!! I can't believe this!! 21 JHS will broken!!
Crazy Mode : ON!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Precious Persons

Until now, 3 persons gone from my side...
They are :
1) Sana (the cutest friend that I ever got)
She went to Malang coz of her father's work
The last time I met her when we were received the report of 2nd semester when we were 7th grader
She sent me a message when she went to move to Malang
"Hi guys, thanx for all of u gave me when we were together, I'm so happy to met all of you, don't forget me, 'kay??" I cried when I read the message... she's one of million for me...
2) Mr.Hara (the first guitar teacher for me)
When I practice guitar at Purwacaraka, he got a message from Ahmad Dhani Music School on Jogja, the message told him to became a member of the Music School. A week later, he said that he should stop for teaching me and his students in Purwacaraka, I'm so sad...
3) Miyake-sensei (the first Japanese who came to my school and became a Japanese language teacher)
The first day school ceremony, he said that he will go back to Nagoya, Japan. For the third time, I'm so sad to hear it... He went back to Nagoya, Japan 0n Friday, 16th July 2010. When he went to the airport from 21 JHS, we were having a Chamber Scout meeting so I saw him. And I gave him a Wayang pencil and Prambanan key-chain for him. I asked him for his e-mail and he gave t, and then he said 'sayounara! arigatou! terima kasih!'..........
All of them, are the Precious Persons for me, they teach me Precious Life Lesson...
Thank you for all of them and all of you will be always in my mind...

When Heroes Are Come Back To The Action!

Last Saturday we heard an announcement from Senior (call him Tama) Tama (he's the Student President in 21 JHS and also the chairman of Chamber Scout and Paskibra)
He said by the school's microphone "all of Chamber Scouts members from 8th grade, please gather at the canopy right now,"
I and Lina heard it when we were at the Teachers Room when we were looking for Mr.(call him Hari) Hari
We were surprised! What?! Our ears didn't heard it correctly or he slipped?!
We came to him and asked "Senior, you said 8th grade, right?? don't forget senior, you're already a 9th grader student!" and he answered "That's u! the EIGHTH GRADER!"
"waaaaaaa!!" all of the Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader jumped, cheered, smiled and we were happy!
The Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader went broken and now, they're back! bye bye for anyone-who-asked-for-the-next-chamber-scouts-election! *lol
All of us was waiting for the meeting, we talked, we had a vent, and anything that we want to talk
2 hours past, we were tired for waiting
Then the meeting was started
The 8th grader Chamber Scouts come back!
And, we had a special training from the Chamber Scouts of 9th grader
The training will be start on Next Monday until Friday!
But the problem is Ani, will she join us again...??
I hope so
She made a mistake but for once and I'm sure that she could change herself be better than anyone else! All she need is a second chance...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Romeo X Juliet

Last night, I watched Romeo X Juliet on Animax
I didn't thought that last night was the last episode of Romeo X Juliet!
I just watched it for about 23 minutes coz of homework so I late to watched it *yawn~
Here's the story that I got last night
Juliet gave her life for the Escalus to protect Neo Verona
Only Romeo and Tybalt who can survive until the end
But, Tybalt can't save Juliet because Ophelia attacked him
Romeo never give up, he reached the Escalus and said "Juliet! Open your eyes! Wake up! Juliet!!"
Juliet opened her eyes and said "That's you..Romeo..."
"Yes, sleep well, my Juliet," and Juliet fell asleep
Then Ophelia said "Leave her alone! She is the one who can make Escalus grow up with her soul!"
"No! That's not her destiny to die just because of a tree!!" said Romeo
"Why you..?!!"
The battle Romeo VS Ophelia
Romeo held his sword to Ophelia's chest
Ophelia was dead, but when Juliet was awoken
Juliet saw Romeo was punctured by Ophelia's wood
"Romeo..." Juliet shocked then she yelled out loud "NO!!"
She went to Romeo's side
Juliet : "Romeo!"
Romeo : "Thank you, I'm so happy to be borned in the world with you in it, you thought me the love feelings.. Juliet..I guess this is the last time I call your name.."
Juliet : "No! No!" *tears drops out
Romeo : ""
Then Romeo shuts his eyes
Juliet : "Romeo! Romeo! You are so cruel..!
Neo Verona was for about to crash with the ocean
Tybalt : "C'mon, Juliet,"
Juliet : "......"
Tybalt : "Let's go!"
Juliet : "No, I'll stay here with Romeo,"
Tybalt : "Oh, Juliet.."
Juliet : "Good bye, Tybalt.."
Tybalt : "....."
Then Tybalt obeyed Juliet's wish
Juliet opened her wings and she made Neo Verona landed in the ocean
Before it she said "Romeo, you and I will never be apart anymore..."
Neo Verona citizens were saved, while Romeo and Juliet died
Many years pasts, Neo Verona always be a peace place for all
And Shakespear said "Both of you, thought us what is true love,"
After that, I teared so many eye-drops, my nose turned red
I was touched last night...
And I keep wondering will I be like them...?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Alive By Becca

Nothing I say comes out right
I can't love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun it rains

I'm so sick of wasting time
But nothings moving in my mind
Inspiration can't be found
I get and fall but I'm alive
I'm alive oh yeah

Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight and I sleep when I die
I live, my life, I'm alive!

When I'm bored to death at home
When he won't pick up the phone
When I stuck in second place
Those regrets I can't erase
Only I can change the end of the movie in my head
There's no time for misery
I won't feel sorry for me
I'm alive, I'm alive oh yeah
Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight and I sleep when I die
I live, my life, I'm alive!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day School!

Today is a new day
I'm officially became an eighth grader student!
I dunno whose my new class teacher, either the new class
When I arrived at school this morning
I found many friends asked me how's the new class
I just said that I came to dusa last Saturday but the gate was closed
So I didn't knew anything about it
All of the new eighth graders were entered their own class
So I entered the beloved class, 7A
I was there, I met (call her Esti) Esti in the class
She also confused how's the class rolling
Then Nia, Rana and Yani came
A few minutes they arrived at the class, a teacher came in
She brought a bunch of papers and a glue
That's the new class list!!
After that, we saw the list
Esti stayed in 7A class, coz she is a student of 8A
I kept looking for my own class, and...
Here it is!!
I'm on 8E the same as Liya, Lindri, Lina, Gela, Ani, and many more that I recognized!
I'm so excited!
But at the same time, I missed 7A so much...
The new class teacher is Mrs. Nur
She's a biology teacher, she id kind, patient and gently
But class is full o' smart persons!!
How can I match them?!
Anyway, Nia's class is the most 'dangerous' class, most of 'em are the master of the masters guys!! WOW!!
At least, I'm not in the same class with Anto! *sigh Thanks God...
And Anyway, I became a prefect in 8E
And Lina became the Vice~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Thanks

Here, in this post
I want to say thanks for my friends on 7A class
Thanks all for accompanying me for 1 year in 7A
You know, I have a lot of mistakes that I made in this one year
I'm so sorry for that
And thank you, all of you wanna be my friend :)
I think 7A is a solid class
Coz if someone of us made a mistake or got a good score for the test we always laugh and cheers together
That's why I love this class :)
And here's a few memories that we have :
1. When the Physics time, I and (call her Sana) Sana went to the Teachers Room
There, we saw Mr. Quantity was sitting on his chair while playing Plants VS Zombie
All of 7A class laughed together when I and Sana went back to the class when we told the story
2. The semester test was over, but we didn't have permission to go home. So we gathered in 7A, opened the LCD Screen, put on the LCD cable to the laptop, closed the curtains and the door, put off our bags, insert the CD and watch Transformers together :D
3. Also when (call him Bajila) Bajila teased by Mrs. Indonesian Language by Bajila's own words "'Every people were different!' you said to your mom, right? *giggle" and all of us were laughed also Bajila
Every moments we passed also have sadness, madness and anything crazier than normal guys
But for this year, I'm so lucky for entered this class
I hope all of us could be on a same class on the 8th grade, amien