Thursday, July 15, 2010

Romeo X Juliet

Last night, I watched Romeo X Juliet on Animax
I didn't thought that last night was the last episode of Romeo X Juliet!
I just watched it for about 23 minutes coz of homework so I late to watched it *yawn~
Here's the story that I got last night
Juliet gave her life for the Escalus to protect Neo Verona
Only Romeo and Tybalt who can survive until the end
But, Tybalt can't save Juliet because Ophelia attacked him
Romeo never give up, he reached the Escalus and said "Juliet! Open your eyes! Wake up! Juliet!!"
Juliet opened her eyes and said "That's you..Romeo..."
"Yes, sleep well, my Juliet," and Juliet fell asleep
Then Ophelia said "Leave her alone! She is the one who can make Escalus grow up with her soul!"
"No! That's not her destiny to die just because of a tree!!" said Romeo
"Why you..?!!"
The battle Romeo VS Ophelia
Romeo held his sword to Ophelia's chest
Ophelia was dead, but when Juliet was awoken
Juliet saw Romeo was punctured by Ophelia's wood
"Romeo..." Juliet shocked then she yelled out loud "NO!!"
She went to Romeo's side
Juliet : "Romeo!"
Romeo : "Thank you, I'm so happy to be borned in the world with you in it, you thought me the love feelings.. Juliet..I guess this is the last time I call your name.."
Juliet : "No! No!" *tears drops out
Romeo : ""
Then Romeo shuts his eyes
Juliet : "Romeo! Romeo! You are so cruel..!
Neo Verona was for about to crash with the ocean
Tybalt : "C'mon, Juliet,"
Juliet : "......"
Tybalt : "Let's go!"
Juliet : "No, I'll stay here with Romeo,"
Tybalt : "Oh, Juliet.."
Juliet : "Good bye, Tybalt.."
Tybalt : "....."
Then Tybalt obeyed Juliet's wish
Juliet opened her wings and she made Neo Verona landed in the ocean
Before it she said "Romeo, you and I will never be apart anymore..."
Neo Verona citizens were saved, while Romeo and Juliet died
Many years pasts, Neo Verona always be a peace place for all
And Shakespear said "Both of you, thought us what is true love,"
After that, I teared so many eye-drops, my nose turned red
I was touched last night...
And I keep wondering will I be like them...?

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