Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Thanks

Here, in this post
I want to say thanks for my friends on 7A class
Thanks all for accompanying me for 1 year in 7A
You know, I have a lot of mistakes that I made in this one year
I'm so sorry for that
And thank you, all of you wanna be my friend :)
I think 7A is a solid class
Coz if someone of us made a mistake or got a good score for the test we always laugh and cheers together
That's why I love this class :)
And here's a few memories that we have :
1. When the Physics time, I and (call her Sana) Sana went to the Teachers Room
There, we saw Mr. Quantity was sitting on his chair while playing Plants VS Zombie
All of 7A class laughed together when I and Sana went back to the class when we told the story
2. The semester test was over, but we didn't have permission to go home. So we gathered in 7A, opened the LCD Screen, put on the LCD cable to the laptop, closed the curtains and the door, put off our bags, insert the CD and watch Transformers together :D
3. Also when (call him Bajila) Bajila teased by Mrs. Indonesian Language by Bajila's own words "'Every people were different!' you said to your mom, right? *giggle" and all of us were laughed also Bajila
Every moments we passed also have sadness, madness and anything crazier than normal guys
But for this year, I'm so lucky for entered this class
I hope all of us could be on a same class on the 8th grade, amien

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