Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saturday Hang Out

On 7th April 2012, I, Laila and 'him' went for an adventurous hang-out. Well yeah it is adventurous, the thing that you should know, we decided to have a hang out in the morning of that day. Firstly, we went to KFC Srondol with the "orange-alphard" XD There, I bought hazelnut float and cream soup for 'him', while Laila bought hazelnut coffee and a kind of taco thing :3 Here are the photos folks!

One of me besties :D <3

Awww~ cutie XD

After that, we went to Hidayatullah Elementary School. I wanted to pick up the money from my 'little business' there :3 But unfortunately, the store was already closed --" so we decided to move to my house ^^ At my house, Laila and I played with nail arts while Rio and 'him' played football. That day was fun, I hope we can have a hang out again soon :D

Me Birthday Boy!

Hello everyone, long time no see! Well, mom hasn’t bought my modem bill so I can’t post some new post. But today, I’ll spend a time to go to Neutron (so I can post another post). As we know, in Neutron also available free Wi-Fi. So this is a best opportunity so I can post a new one :D lol. Anw, on April 2nd 2012, ‘he’ celebrated ‘his’ 15th y’old birthday! A week before it, I bought a Manchester United white T-Shirt. I bought it with my own money :3 I wrapped it with a grey gift wrapper (on my own!). I also put a rabbit greeting card inside it ^^ I gave it to ‘him’ in the morning on 'his' class. I lied to ‘him’ that I haven’t buy a birthday gift for ‘him’ yet. I tricked ‘him’ so ‘he’ would be surprise with my surprise XD and it worked! Yeah!

Here are the photos of the birthday gift that I took J

And here are the photos on April 2nd 2012, when 'he' treated me at the school canteen ;)

The birthday boy!

‘He’ said that ‘he’ loves the T-Shirt >w< I’m so happy to hear that