Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Class Meeting as the Students Council President

In this week, my school held a Class Meeting event
This event is very useful for attracting the students from the teachers so teachers can make the report
Anyway, the report will be given to the parents on December 18th 2010
The Students Council Members already agreed that the competition will be :
December 15th 2010
1. Basketball
2. Badminton
3. LCC
4. Performing Arts
5. K3
December 16th 2010
1. Basketball
2. LCC
3. Performing Arts
4. Creating 21 JHS Logo
5. K3
December 17th 2010
1. Badminton
2. LCC
3. Decorating Cake
4. Mading
5. Class Story
6. K3
All of us AGREED
But, when the Class Meeting will start, a senior from 9th grader complaint and said "why there's no Volley competition?! Wadda bored! Hey! The new Students Council President is SUCKS!"
What?! He's so selfish until I reached my maximum patient!! And also, the members of Volley Club from the 9th grader complaint for the same thing!
Phew! Really sucks! What a DUMB!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Month of 2010

Phew, it's December already
Gonna leave 2010 less than a month
And it means that dad's birthday will coming soon
I already bought what did I want to give him as his b'day present last week when I and my friends from 21 JHS and 111 JHS went to Jogja
Psst! I bought him a brown Dagadu T-Shirt, well I think it's unique and looks cool if my dad wear the shirt
'INDONESIAN DREAM BAND' a creative shirt that I bought for my beloved dad
Anyway, now aunty is studying on Vietnam
She contact me on Facebook and told me that she arrived at Vietnam and she asked what did I want for a souvenir from her
So I asked for a Vietnam key chain because I'm collecting for nation key chains
I already have a Singapore key chain that I got from my senior and a Bei Jing key chain that I got from my home stay buddy
Today, Lina and (call her) Ahyu back to Semarang
Last day they went to Jakarta for the students exchange
Anyway, the Scout Chamber won the competition
But there are some conflict with the Junior Scout Chamber members since the competition
And many terrible things happened since the competition
By the way about the Scout Chamber, I missed the training so much
When we'll have a competition we'll have a After School Training, but since the competition was over there are no training anymore so I missed the training so much
Oh, I almost forgot
Next Monday, my school will have a mid term semester test
I hope I can do this test properly so I can get good marks
Because last exam, I felt guilty to my mom and dad 'cause I got standard (or maybe lower than that) marks...
I really hope I can fix those scores this time
Next, Oh yeah, I already finished reading an English novel that aunty gave me last year
I finished it less than two days, actually I can finish it sooner since I got the novel
But I have no time for it (oh, really?? FAKE BUSINESS WOMAN! #lol)
The English novel named The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
It's about a life of a normal boy who experience many interesting things in his daily life
Aha! I remember!
There's an interesting thing that I want to write here
Last Saturday when the 111 JHS and 21 JHS students went for a hang out we went to 21 Cinema
Actually, this is not my idea
There, all of us were 20 kids and 3 parents (less than or more than)
A couple of minutes later, the other students of 111 JHS and 21 JHS came and we met there
The main plan is we gonna watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows together
But the ticket was sold out already, so they decided to watch Tanah Kusir Ghost
I have no interest for such a film that I think that's a dummy-and-scary film
All I got from watching horror films just the screams and it makes me less money and time
I'd rather to go to a toilet than watch a film like that
So I decided not to watch the film and state my reason to them
They said I'm no fun, but whatever they say
But when I, (call her) Artha and Angel (they come with me because they also didn't want to watch the film, Angel was afraid and Artha have no interest for such a film like that) want to leave the cinema, I met my last former and his girlfriend
Then when I, Artha and Angel was eating at the food court, we met (call him) Sekti and his family
And I heard someone told that she saw the English teacher at the mall
And I started wondering 'actually, this place is 21 Cinema or 21 JHS?? the students, students exchange, teachers, alumni are here' #lol
Oh! Another interesting story!
It’s about one of the 111 JHS student, (call her) Gina
The second term from 111 JHS arrived at 21 JHS on 2 AM
When they arrived, they were so tired
Some of them went fell asleep, but some of them were walking around the school
One of them was Gina
Gina is a Chinese
Then she told me ‘when I was walking around there’s someone that peeked me’
I asked ‘what do you mean someone??’
‘Well, umm…the second floor class which have a yellow curtain??’ *pointing at my class
‘Hey, that’s my class!’ I answered
‘Yeah, a girl in that class was peeking at me when I have a walk’ she answered
Gee! A ghost in my class…
Well yah I heard rumors that in each class of 21 JHS is haunted
Especially the former Students Organization Room and 8G
And one of my friend that can see ghosts (call him) Fani, told my senior when he was playing hide-and-seek with no one
My senior asked ‘What’re u playing??’
‘I’m playing hide-and-seek’ he answered
‘With who??’
‘With him’ *pointing for nothing
I guess he was playing with his ghost friend
Because his mother told me that he have a ‘friend’ in his house
And that friend is a leak
Interesting right?? (perhaps, a little scary)
Guess what?? I’m waiting for the end of the month
Waiting for Xmas?? Nope
Waiting for New Year?? Nah
I’m waiting for HOLIDAY!
I love Holiday so much
Honestly, if there’s a long holiday, many home-works that the teachers gave to us
But the most important is NO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING! #lol
No heavy bags, no wasting money, go travelling, eating all day, reading comics, watching movies until midnight, less reading, relaxing my body, sleeping for a day, meet my dad, and many more~!
I hope this holiday can be more interesting than last year!
Last year was great, I hope this year can be better than last year
And all I have to do is get good marks on my mid term test
Phew, there are so many interesting experiences!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing Tape

The Scout Competition will be held for about 5 days away
Last Monday, the eighth grader Scout Chamber members had a dancing practice
The operator of the music was (call him Saso) Saso
The music was from Lina's laptop
There are two songs, one for the girls and one for the boys
And last day, Mr.(call him)Pit bought the boys music tape
Then he gave the tape to the boys yesterday
When we were having a practice, even one of us didn't realized that the tape went gone
In the afternoon, we were about starting the practice the Mr.Pit asked where's the tape
One of us, even one of twenty can't answer Mr.Pit's question
Mr.Pit went upset and he told us that he wont train us until we can find the tape
We were looking for the tape, but we had nothing
We know that we are disappointing him...
All of us hope that he can forgive us
Well, maybe he can but he wont give us any responsibility anymore...
In this two days, we almost doesn't have a practice meanwhile the competition is near...
Until now, the tape is missing and we can't find it yet

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tennis Class

On Friday, there were no Scout Extra
I had the first meeting of Tennis Class
I wore a short blue pants and a white-blue Reebok shirt that I usually wear for Basket
Well, I have no option so I wore the Basket 'costume'
Oh, I almost forgot, my little bro also come with me for his third meeting
He wore a red short pants and a red Reebok shirt
He already bought the tennis racket
The tennis racket is Wilson
Its colors are white, black and yellow
Actually the racket is a big one for him
But however it's a small racket for a tennis player
I guess my little bro is too little for the racket *lol
I was so excited because this is the first time I have a Tennis Class
We practice tennis on the Tennis Court in front of KUMON nearby my little bro's Elementary School
Uh~ I think I'm too optimistic until I didn't know the right body position when I hit the ball
Next try, I'm getting better and better
But sometimes I didn't hit the spot...
A few minutes later I realized that there's someone who was playing a Basketball besides the Tennis Yard
A tall and thin boy, he was wearing a white shirt and a dark-colored pants
When I started to looking at the one who played basketball I realized that guy is...Udin!!
What?! I was shocked and I tried not to look at him anymore!
I discovered that his house is nearby the Tennis Court!
A doom or what??

Love, Care, Or..??

I think something's different...
Well...there's a boy...
A boy that I can't stop thinking about...
He's a best friend of mine, a glace boy with good behaviors
Every night when I want to go asleep he always be in my mind...
I hate to be fall in love with someone!!
I can't stop thinking about him, I can't think freely and normally, and the most bad of all is I CAN'T BE MYSELF when I'm in front of someone that I love!!
Fall in love is SUCKS!
Love, comes suddenly without permissions but lost tragically
I want to forget about him but when I try it he always appear in front of me! directly or not directly!!
What should I do?! (>.<)
This is terrible and horrible!!
Oh God, please! Make me forget about him!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fiona’s New Year Celebration

19th century, in the middle of London, a huge manor house was built. Nobles lived in a huge manor house with many maids and butlers. One of the noble was Cartridge family. Cartridge was very popular because of the toys and candies that the Cartridge created. The Cartridge householder was Fordo Cartridge, and his wife was Avella Cartridge and they only child was Fiona Cartridge. Fiona was only 8. On December 31st, Fiona was lonely. In the manor house, there were just the chefs, butlers and the maids and her. Queen Elizabeth invited her parents to a New Year Celebration. In the huge manor house she was walking up and down the stairs with a rabbit doll she got on her hand. The butlers, the maids and the chefs were worried, looking at the Little Lady walking up and down the stairs. Then, one of the butler asked Fiona. “What are you doing Little Lady?” the butler asked “Don’t you see? I’m waiting for my parents!” she answered “Oh, yes. But, Little Lady, Great Master and Mistress will arrived at home on 1 AM tomorrow,” “is that mean that I can’t celebrate New Year without my parents?” Little Fiona asked “we-well, uh…” the butler didn’t say a thing. Fiona disappointed and she went to her room. On her bedroom, she wondered what’ll she do next while she was waiting her parents arrive at home. The clock showed 11 PM and Fiona fell asleep. One of the maid knocked Fiona’s bedroom door. And the maid said “wake up Little Lady,” “nggh…what time is it now?” Fiona asked “It is 11 PM Little Lady, may I invite my Little Lady to the Dining Room?” “Oh, sure…What is it?” “Little Lady will know what will happen soon!” the maid answered. When they entered the Dining Room, Fiona shocked. She saw a made of chocolate Big Ben replica and a princess replica besides it. “WELCOME, LITTLE LADY!” the maids, butlers and the chefs said nicely. “Will Little Lady join our New Year Party?” one of the maid asked, then Fiona answered with a wide smile “yes! I would love to!” Then Fiona celebrated the New Year Party with the butlers, maids and chefs. Fiona realized that no matter who stands besides her she’ll be happy if someone besides her is someone who loves Fiona. That night, Fiona was the happiest person in the manor house. She requested one of the butler join her with the waltz dance in the ball room. Then…DING DANG DING DANG, the clock was ringing and showing midnight. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” Fiona shouted happily. “Yes! Happy New Year Little Lady,” the butlers, maids and chefs said. “Thank you for all of you for accompanying me this night! Once more, thank you!” Fiona said with her innocent smile. “It is an honor, Little Lady,” the chefs, butlers and maids said. Then Fiona decided to go back to her room and have a sleep. When she closed the bedroom’s door, she walked to her bed and she wondered will she have a spectacular New Year Party next year again.

Give Me Wings

If I can get one wish
To come true right now, I want a pair of wings
Please grant me white wings
On my back like a bird
In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar
I have no need for wealth or fame
All I want now is a set of wings
I still dream of those things
That I've dreamed about when I was little
In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar
In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings
In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Month...

Well, long time no see, hahaha
hmm...for a month I can't write a new post so my blog have no new posts
But today, I can write a new post *cheers
Okay, the first that I want to tell you is => I became the Student Council President~ *cheers
I hope I can do the best for leading the Student Council \(>w<)/ so, wish me luck!
Then, on the earlier post it said that I and Lina went to a 'fight' but now, I and Lina are okay *cheers
And guess what?? the Chamber Scout will have a competition this November!
All of us from the Chamber Scout hopes we can win the competition! Yeah! Go for it! \(>w<)/
And~ my school will have a Sister School program this November until next January
On November, the Sister School will be held on Jakarta
While on January, the Sister School program will be held on Singapore and Malaysia
My parents told me to go to Malaysia and Singapore
So...Why not?! I would love to! XD *cheers

Friday, October 8, 2010

Breaking Down the Friendship

I already tell that I and Lina have a problem
The problem is she thought that I don't wanna be her friend
I want to, but she never want to play again with me
She loves to play with (call him) Adhara
Well, Adhara is friendly but he's a weird guy, he loves to play with girls (not like ordinary guys) and he can sing beautifully like a girl
Now, I'm writing this post (while I eat my noodles, drink a cup of Good Day and eat some chips) in the class while Lina is going somewhere I don't know and with who
But I guess she's go for a walk with (call her) Gan
Gan is a friend of mine, she is also a Chamber Scout member
When Gan come to my class Lina always go with Gan and leave me without say a thing
I can't tell Lina or Gan if it hurts a lot
I don't what should I now
And also, today there's a PE lesson
The Subject is Volley Ball
The teacher told us to make a group of 2 to practice Volley Ball
I didn't got the ball, and Lina got one but Liya have none
Then Lina saw me and she gave her ball and I practice Volley Ball with Liya
While Lina practice it with (call her) Indri
Hmm...I don't what should I do know *sigh

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are We Friends?

Hey guyzZ
This is the first post on the month
I can't go online anymore in my house because the internet provider had been cut already by my mom
Now, I'm writing this post in the School's Computer Laboratory
I want to talk about something
Something that I have been thinking for this day
I'm thinking "is Lina a true friend of mine??"
She's a best friend I think
But last night I sent her a message and she didn't answer my text
And also for a few weeks ago I asked her about the Math Homework via message
And she didn't answered too
The next day at school she didn't talked about that
Like she never get the text from me
And I'm thinking if I be friends with Lina, will (a friend of Lina) Angel angry at me??
I can't let that happened--but I guess I already did that...
Well, the truth is Lina is a good friend but sometimes (or maybe several time) her typical is 'Less Act Talk More'
That the opposite of my typical
I don't really like to talk, I would like do something else than talking about something that requires a lot of energies--and it also wasting my time
Well yah, she's older than me but she doesn't know a lot
I thought she's older than me so I can sharing some thing new and interesting with her, but I guess I'm miss calculated
I'm not negative thinking about her, but there are no positive effects--there are, but not much--that effected me
Also, when the Scout she can't teach Morse correctly, but she pretended that she know Morse correctly, that was a lie!
So guyzZ, what should I do next??
*and please don't tell Lina about this problem! >.<

Friday, August 20, 2010

August Post

Hey guyzZ
Long time no see, heheh
I never post a new entry since August
So, this is the first post on August 2010
I have no idea for this post so I'll just tell you want I wanna tell
Firstly, I and my friends will face ICAS test
ICAS is International Competition and Assessments for Schools
It's very popular
The one who got 100 will have a gold-shining-medal
I can't imagine if I can get the medal just like senior Faiq
He's so smart!!
But I'm not really surprised, he stayed on England for 5 years
Darn, the ICAS was so hard! *cried
Last Saturday was the first ICAS test, the subject was English
Next Saturday, we'll have ICAS again
The subject will be Mathematics
I heard from one of my friend that the ICAS will be the same as IQ test
Other topic
I didn't went to school for a week because of a flu and hard cough
I stayed at grandma's house for a week
Also for accompanied my grandpa
I'm so sad, my grandpa is still sick
His body is very thin!
And I don't 100% believe that grandpa's weight is more thin than I!
Next topic
Anto is crazier than ever
His aunt called me for 14 times in a day (or maybe more than that)
It's bothering me so much!
I hate him! hate! hate! hate! hate!!
I hope he can stop fall in love with me and I can have a peaceful life!
Other topic
Rina (my best friend on Jakarta) had a birthday on 20 August!
That day, I greeted her on Facebook
Then she told me that her boyfriend didn't say a thing to her
He forgot his girlfriend's b'day! OMG!
What a careless guy...
I hope Rina can be more patient about him

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jerk Juniors

Today, Chamber Scout members will train the 7th grader when the Scout Time(freshmen, well yahh)
When the Scout Time, Lina said that everyone must bring ballpoint anywhere
One of the 7th grader said "the one who doesn't carry a ballpoint are 26 JHS student, how about you sis, do you bring a ballpoint?" in my heart "hahahhahah!! so you are teasing me, huh?! great one, eh! right on the spot!" so I said "I left it, so what?!"
She keep quite and I walked away and told it to my friends
Another misery, someone who wanna be the squad leader for boys had to made a line
One of them said to me "sis, you may not wear a shirt behind ur uniform," in my heart "who the heck are ya?! HELLOO~!! I'm the senior here! u entered the 21 JHS not more in 3 weeks!!!! an you're so arrogant!!! My Gosh!!! Terrible!!" so I said "what did u say?!" "ee...eerrr...nothing ma'am!" "arrh..." "mameeen!" "huh?!" "the senior is so *sengak*" "what the hell!!"
One more, the 7th grader must be quite and calm when Mrs. Anti was talking, so I said "sssh!" to the 7th grader, the 7th grader repeated my word!!! arrgghh!! I can't believe this!! 21 JHS will broken!!
Crazy Mode : ON!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Precious Persons

Until now, 3 persons gone from my side...
They are :
1) Sana (the cutest friend that I ever got)
She went to Malang coz of her father's work
The last time I met her when we were received the report of 2nd semester when we were 7th grader
She sent me a message when she went to move to Malang
"Hi guys, thanx for all of u gave me when we were together, I'm so happy to met all of you, don't forget me, 'kay??" I cried when I read the message... she's one of million for me...
2) Mr.Hara (the first guitar teacher for me)
When I practice guitar at Purwacaraka, he got a message from Ahmad Dhani Music School on Jogja, the message told him to became a member of the Music School. A week later, he said that he should stop for teaching me and his students in Purwacaraka, I'm so sad...
3) Miyake-sensei (the first Japanese who came to my school and became a Japanese language teacher)
The first day school ceremony, he said that he will go back to Nagoya, Japan. For the third time, I'm so sad to hear it... He went back to Nagoya, Japan 0n Friday, 16th July 2010. When he went to the airport from 21 JHS, we were having a Chamber Scout meeting so I saw him. And I gave him a Wayang pencil and Prambanan key-chain for him. I asked him for his e-mail and he gave t, and then he said 'sayounara! arigatou! terima kasih!'..........
All of them, are the Precious Persons for me, they teach me Precious Life Lesson...
Thank you for all of them and all of you will be always in my mind...

When Heroes Are Come Back To The Action!

Last Saturday we heard an announcement from Senior (call him Tama) Tama (he's the Student President in 21 JHS and also the chairman of Chamber Scout and Paskibra)
He said by the school's microphone "all of Chamber Scouts members from 8th grade, please gather at the canopy right now,"
I and Lina heard it when we were at the Teachers Room when we were looking for Mr.(call him Hari) Hari
We were surprised! What?! Our ears didn't heard it correctly or he slipped?!
We came to him and asked "Senior, you said 8th grade, right?? don't forget senior, you're already a 9th grader student!" and he answered "That's u! the EIGHTH GRADER!"
"waaaaaaa!!" all of the Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader jumped, cheered, smiled and we were happy!
The Chamber Scouts of the 8th grader went broken and now, they're back! bye bye for anyone-who-asked-for-the-next-chamber-scouts-election! *lol
All of us was waiting for the meeting, we talked, we had a vent, and anything that we want to talk
2 hours past, we were tired for waiting
Then the meeting was started
The 8th grader Chamber Scouts come back!
And, we had a special training from the Chamber Scouts of 9th grader
The training will be start on Next Monday until Friday!
But the problem is Ani, will she join us again...??
I hope so
She made a mistake but for once and I'm sure that she could change herself be better than anyone else! All she need is a second chance...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Romeo X Juliet

Last night, I watched Romeo X Juliet on Animax
I didn't thought that last night was the last episode of Romeo X Juliet!
I just watched it for about 23 minutes coz of homework so I late to watched it *yawn~
Here's the story that I got last night
Juliet gave her life for the Escalus to protect Neo Verona
Only Romeo and Tybalt who can survive until the end
But, Tybalt can't save Juliet because Ophelia attacked him
Romeo never give up, he reached the Escalus and said "Juliet! Open your eyes! Wake up! Juliet!!"
Juliet opened her eyes and said "That's you..Romeo..."
"Yes, sleep well, my Juliet," and Juliet fell asleep
Then Ophelia said "Leave her alone! She is the one who can make Escalus grow up with her soul!"
"No! That's not her destiny to die just because of a tree!!" said Romeo
"Why you..?!!"
The battle Romeo VS Ophelia
Romeo held his sword to Ophelia's chest
Ophelia was dead, but when Juliet was awoken
Juliet saw Romeo was punctured by Ophelia's wood
"Romeo..." Juliet shocked then she yelled out loud "NO!!"
She went to Romeo's side
Juliet : "Romeo!"
Romeo : "Thank you, I'm so happy to be borned in the world with you in it, you thought me the love feelings.. Juliet..I guess this is the last time I call your name.."
Juliet : "No! No!" *tears drops out
Romeo : ""
Then Romeo shuts his eyes
Juliet : "Romeo! Romeo! You are so cruel..!
Neo Verona was for about to crash with the ocean
Tybalt : "C'mon, Juliet,"
Juliet : "......"
Tybalt : "Let's go!"
Juliet : "No, I'll stay here with Romeo,"
Tybalt : "Oh, Juliet.."
Juliet : "Good bye, Tybalt.."
Tybalt : "....."
Then Tybalt obeyed Juliet's wish
Juliet opened her wings and she made Neo Verona landed in the ocean
Before it she said "Romeo, you and I will never be apart anymore..."
Neo Verona citizens were saved, while Romeo and Juliet died
Many years pasts, Neo Verona always be a peace place for all
And Shakespear said "Both of you, thought us what is true love,"
After that, I teared so many eye-drops, my nose turned red
I was touched last night...
And I keep wondering will I be like them...?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Alive By Becca

Nothing I say comes out right
I can't love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun it rains

I'm so sick of wasting time
But nothings moving in my mind
Inspiration can't be found
I get and fall but I'm alive
I'm alive oh yeah

Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight and I sleep when I die
I live, my life, I'm alive!

When I'm bored to death at home
When he won't pick up the phone
When I stuck in second place
Those regrets I can't erase
Only I can change the end of the movie in my head
There's no time for misery
I won't feel sorry for me
I'm alive, I'm alive oh yeah
Between the good and bad's where you'll find me
Reaching for heaven
I will fight and I sleep when I die
I live, my life, I'm alive!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day School!

Today is a new day
I'm officially became an eighth grader student!
I dunno whose my new class teacher, either the new class
When I arrived at school this morning
I found many friends asked me how's the new class
I just said that I came to dusa last Saturday but the gate was closed
So I didn't knew anything about it
All of the new eighth graders were entered their own class
So I entered the beloved class, 7A
I was there, I met (call her Esti) Esti in the class
She also confused how's the class rolling
Then Nia, Rana and Yani came
A few minutes they arrived at the class, a teacher came in
She brought a bunch of papers and a glue
That's the new class list!!
After that, we saw the list
Esti stayed in 7A class, coz she is a student of 8A
I kept looking for my own class, and...
Here it is!!
I'm on 8E the same as Liya, Lindri, Lina, Gela, Ani, and many more that I recognized!
I'm so excited!
But at the same time, I missed 7A so much...
The new class teacher is Mrs. Nur
She's a biology teacher, she id kind, patient and gently
But class is full o' smart persons!!
How can I match them?!
Anyway, Nia's class is the most 'dangerous' class, most of 'em are the master of the masters guys!! WOW!!
At least, I'm not in the same class with Anto! *sigh Thanks God...
And Anyway, I became a prefect in 8E
And Lina became the Vice~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Thanks

Here, in this post
I want to say thanks for my friends on 7A class
Thanks all for accompanying me for 1 year in 7A
You know, I have a lot of mistakes that I made in this one year
I'm so sorry for that
And thank you, all of you wanna be my friend :)
I think 7A is a solid class
Coz if someone of us made a mistake or got a good score for the test we always laugh and cheers together
That's why I love this class :)
And here's a few memories that we have :
1. When the Physics time, I and (call her Sana) Sana went to the Teachers Room
There, we saw Mr. Quantity was sitting on his chair while playing Plants VS Zombie
All of 7A class laughed together when I and Sana went back to the class when we told the story
2. The semester test was over, but we didn't have permission to go home. So we gathered in 7A, opened the LCD Screen, put on the LCD cable to the laptop, closed the curtains and the door, put off our bags, insert the CD and watch Transformers together :D
3. Also when (call him Bajila) Bajila teased by Mrs. Indonesian Language by Bajila's own words "'Every people were different!' you said to your mom, right? *giggle" and all of us were laughed also Bajila
Every moments we passed also have sadness, madness and anything crazier than normal guys
But for this year, I'm so lucky for entered this class
I hope all of us could be on a same class on the 8th grade, amien

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manga Match!!

One Morning
The birds chirping beautifully
The sky was light blue
The clouds were soft
The newspaper arrived at the front house
Opened the newspaper and I saw an event
The event is Manga Competition!!
Main Prize => 5 million
2nd Place => 3 million
3rd Place => 2 million
Nahaa!! this is it!!
I wanna join this match!
Here's the specification :
1. It can be personal or more than one people who joins the match
2. Each creation must have 5 pages
3. The participators have to send 2 creations
4. Creations mustn't involve Tribe, Religion and Race
5. Participators must send in hard copy and a CD-ROM with manga that we made in it
6. Every single page must have a student card photocopy on the back of the page
Naa~ and I had started for about..umm...maybe for about 6 days ago...
And until now (30th June 2010) I made 5 pages *cheers
I made it with a program on my notebook called 'Manga Studio'
This is a new program that my uncle installed a few weeks ago
And anyway, I haven't read the manual book yet...
But I just and there...tone..and...blah13x
hahaha, wish me luck, okay~??
Anyway, Yun-chan and aunty told me about this competition a few days ago when I went to Jogja, thank you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy Camp!

After the Super Exhausting Exams (S.E.E.) were done, my school always held a yearly program for seventh grader
The program is scout camping!
This year, my school will held the camping on 13 June 2010 until 15 June 2010
The seventh grader will have a camping beside the Prambanan Temple on Jogja
The same place as the last year's camping
And I heard about the place from my seniors
The worst is, the area of Prambanan is haunted!
Last year, when my seniors were having a camping on Prambanan, they captured an appearance!
So scary isn't it?!
Then, the camping was started
13th June - for about 7.30 AM
My school with 4 buses and 2 trucks started the long trip to Prambanan
And anyway, I became a leader of my scout group
My scout group name is 'Jasmine'
It needs for about 4 hours to get to Prambanan
Anyway, the policemen with a police car helped us to get there faster (isn't that great!!? *lol)
After we arrived there, we have to picked down our stuffs at the trucks
After that, we made our tent
From the start, I guess it will be a nice camping
But it was changed when the scout leader were gathered
Anto was there!! On the meeting!! Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
As I know, he's not a leader or even a vice leader of his group!!
What the heck he's doing there?!! He ruin my best times!!
The meeting told us about to coordinate our own group to have a lunch
The lunch time feels so fun with my friends :)
Time was running very fast and when the 6 PM, the problem started
When the Traditional Culture Lecture was started, the stars disappeared, clouds were out, the winds blew and the drops were began
Traditional Culture Lecture been canceled because the unpredicted rain
The students were back to their own tent, the teachers said to pack our stuffs
"if it just a little rain, still at the tent, don't go anywhere. But if the rain is heavy, we have to held an evacuation," the teachers said from a microphone
After I packed my stuffs, I went out on an empty field with my best friend, Lina
We was sat on an empty field having a talk, but after 45 minutes passed, her friends also have a sit with us (this is the most time that I hate when I and my best friend have a serious talk each other)
I can't say that we were having a talk...
And I'm just bored that time, her friends brought a mobile that time, and their have some pictures but I didn't come with them (I'm so ugly and so shy when I have a picture on my own!)
When her friends went back to their tent, we saw one of our teacher sat on a straw carpet alone, we accompanied her that time
She said "the teachers were watching the World Cup, but I'm no interested in it,"
As I remember, the main tent opened a white large sheet and then they watch it together with the boys
And we having a talk with our teacher
A few minutes later, we heard that my friends were having a walk with my teacher
That's fun! If I want, I want to go with them!
But they already arrived at the camp...
But the teacher said okay if we wanna go with him, so we came with him!
When we were walking on a dark place, the teacher said
Teacher : "one of your friend, (call her Anze) Anze. She saw a shadow appeared and banished when she was waiting her friend taking a bath,"
I : "!!?" *scared
Lina : "what did you say?!"
Okay, this isn't funny anymore!!
11 PM, bedtime!
After I heard my teacher said, I can't fell asleep...
After all, my group members were scared because of the dark
They keep screaming on bedtime, even when the seniors came to our tent to say that we have to stay calm and go asleep
But they can't fell asleep so fast
After I said there's nothing to worry, they fell asleep
In front of my members I have to be thought
But, it happened again at 2 AM, they screamed again
Cause of the mosquitos were on beside my ears and I heard them yelling, I woke up...
I asked what happened, they said they saw something
They saw a big black guy beside a car with a black shirt looking at our tent
But I didn't saw him or even anything but just a car
Then the boys, (call him Arto and Hanes) Arto and Hanes came to our tent
Hanes : "what is it?!"
I : "my friends saw a big black guy with black shirt beside that car,"
Hanes : "where?? where?? i don't saw anything, it is just a car!"
(call her Ria) Ria : "there! beside the car, nearby the tree!!"
Hanes : "whaaaatt?!! I don't saw a thing but just a car!! if you don't believe it, I and Arto will go there!!"
Arto : "okay , boss!!"
I : "wait! I come with you!"
Anze : "okay, I'll go to,"
After we arrived there
Hanes : "see! it's just a tree's shadow and a car!!"
We believe it but my members can't stop thinking about it
Before I back to my tent, Hanes told me that he was possessed
He said "when I have a walk with Arto, Arto and I saw a statue move down and up and then disappeared, after that when I came back to my tent I screamed and yelled, if you don't believe it, ask Arto!" Arto said that that was true...
So scary..
When I back to my tent, my friend (call her Sifa) Sifa said "hey, Hanes, I saw you through our tent at 1 PM,"
Hanes said "what?!! really?!! I was asleep that time!! I swear!!"
Things getting badder and badder...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rare Results

The Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) was finished!
And my first feeling when it was finished is "I'm freeeeeeeeeee!!!" *lol
But I still have a bad feeling that I won't pass the exam
That's horrible!
But I don't pray or even wish for it!
The next day, the result is off
Here's my results :
IT = 82
Math = 80
Javanese = 71
Nationality = 78
Indonesian = 86
My gosh, those scores were very different with Yun-chan (Nia)
She got good scores, she's smart, kind, care, gently, and also cheerful
Yun-chan scores :
IT = 90 (the top score of my class!!)
Math = 87 (the top score of my class!!)
Javanese = 82 (the top score of my class!!)
Nationality = 82 (the 2nd top score of my class!!)
Indonesian = ...uhh...I forgot...
Wow!! COOL!! Those were Rare Results...
How can I be a smart girl like her??
Anyway, today is her birthday, for Yun-chan, happy b'day! wish you all the best
(NB : I forgot to congratulate you at school today, I'm so sorry! >.<)

Freak Fan

What a Freak Fan!
I can't stand it no more!
Okay, it started when I was an Elementary School student
Every 3 months, my school make '3 monthly school magazine'
And one of my teacher asked me to draw a Doujinshi
I agreed with him and I made it
The teacher gave 20 rupiahs for it *lol
I'm so happy
Then, a few days later when the magazines were released when the lunch time the juniors from the 3rd grade came to my class brought a piece of paper and a pencil
I wonder why??
Apparently, they asked me to draw a manga character!
Some of them asked my phone number, and some of them asked me for a signature
Even my friends said "wow! just like an actress!"
My Gosh!
And, one of them (call her Sinta) became the girl who asked me for the most many manga characters
Every day, she and her friend went to my class just for a character
A few months later, I'm a Junior High School Student
And I rarely came to my Elementary School (maybe yes for pick my brother, but I'm not go out from my car)
For about 3 days ago, I went there
And I met Sinta, as usual, she asked me for a picture
I drew it of course
On the same day, Sinta added me as a friend on Facebook
And I confirmed her
Then the problem appeared
She tagged every pictures on one of my photo album on Facebook
This album is an album special for my drawings
She didn't asked permission
I still can forgive her
But when I saw her profile picture, I can't believe it!
She wear my drawing!
I love it, but at the other side, I hate it
She wear Kushina Uzumaki that I drew for about 4 months ago
She told me that she loves Kushina so much
But that's not the reason she wear my creation!
When I open her profile on Facebook
Her status was 'Ciel Kawai'
And I commented on her status
I asked her what manga she like
Sinta likes Bleach, Naruto and Black Butler
When I saw her activities on Facebook
I can't stand it!
She joined the Ichigo Kurosaki Fan Club and Tōshirō Hitsugaya on Facebook just yet!!!
If she's a Bleach fan like me, she will joined the group long time ago!
It just more like she follow me...
It's normal but I dislike it
Then I removed her from my friend list on Facebook
Sorry, but I'm so uncomfortable!!
For Sinta, I'll still draw some pictures for you but please don't follow my activities or my habit...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Good news for K-ON! lovers!
K-ON!! will become the second season of K-ON!

The story is still about the Houkago Tea Time's story
And also the characters are still Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Azusa Nakano, Sawaka-sensei, Nodoka Manabe, Ui Hirasawa and many more from the first season
The first opening for K-ON!! is Go! Go! Maniac

And the ending song is Listen!

Both were cool!!
I can't wait for it!
I'm so excited!
They are so cute~!
And also, the songs, like Fudepen, Floating Time, Curry Rice, Let's Go! are cool!!
I like K-ON! so much~ :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mad Mommy!!

This is bad, this is bad!!!
On the last 2 hours ago, there are 2 miscalls on my mobile
When I checked who called me, the number doesn't exist on my mobile
A home number...
Then when I saw it, the number called me again
I answered and I said 'hello'
The caller closed the phone
What's going on??
Then it called me again
I answered and the caller gave me a respond
It's the sound of a woman
Caller : "Hello?? is this *beep*??"
I : "umm...who's this??"
Caller : "are you Anto's friend??"
I : (what?! who is she?!)"yes??"
Caller : "oh, I'm Anto's mother, did you saw Anto?? he didn't went home now,"
I : (hey!! he's your son!! why you asked me about that?!) "I didn't saw him today,"
Caller : "really??? and I heard that you're pretty!"
I : (WHAT?!!!!) *lol
Caller : "I thought he didn't went home because he's playing at your house,"
I : (what the hell are you thinking?!! INSANE!!) "no of course!!" *angry a bit
Caller : "oh...I see.."
*vibrate (my mom's calling!)
I : "uh...mam, my mom's calling, and..."
Caller : "pardon?? you want to call this number again this night?!"
I : "NnnOOOOooo!!" *angry
Caller : "oh, okay then..."
I : "yeah! see ya!"
*thumb press the off button
I : "BAHHHH....!! Crazy Mommy!!!!"
Lina : "geez!! weird!! maybe it's Anto's friend?!"
I : "it could be..."
HUH?!! Crazy Talk with A Mad Mommy!!
If Anto weren't home yet, why didn't she called the school?!
Then, Aya passed my class and I grabbed her into my classroom
I : "what did Anto told you?!!"
Aya : "what's the matter??"
Aya : "what?!!"
I : "okay, answer my question,"
Aya : "as I know, he said '*beep must be want to be my girlfriend! I'm sure of it!' and this morning at my class, he wrote on the whiteboard 'I loves Sea Star, Sea Star loves me, we're happy family'"
I : *a half to dead!
Oh! That's why Anto's classmates always calls my name today!!
Hate it!!!
That's why my relationship status on Facebook has changed from 'single' to 'in a relationship'!!
To make him not too proud at me!!
Hate! hate! hate! hate!! *cries

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Former's Birthday

Today, June 2nd 2010
Is my former's birthday
I remember it yesterday when I saw my birthday contacts on my mobile
I forgot it... *lol
I would like to greet him but I think better I'm not
Anyway, I don't really care about it
If I greet him using a short message service, he won't reply my message
I know it cause the last message I sent him for give him a good luck for the ninth grader national exam, he didn't replied the text... *yawn
It's really hopeless if I wish him to reply my text
So, I guess I'll not congratulate him today
If I write a wall on his Facebook profile, senior Sarah (or even her friends) will give comment on it, that's what I afraid of
Now, his girlfriend is online on Facebook
Better if I offline my chat box
She always online on night-time
Senior Sarah is kind, sweet, nice but...ONLY ON FACEBOOK
In my school, her file is very full (I guess)
But I hope that she can be the best for my former :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lupin's Puzzle

For about 7 months ago
(Remember! we call him Izk)Izk borrow my manga (Eyeshield 21)
The next day, he told me that he got a letter from a guy who call himself Lupin
But, he didn't show me the letter
He got no proof
I'm not too interest in it
Lupin also gave a question, the question is 'a building who made in nine days'
What kinda weird question is that?!
I'm interested with this puzzle
And Izk said "the letter said that we have to answer the puzzle then we can get the next puzzle,"
I asked "what do you mean 'we'??"
He answered "it's true if the letter is for you, but the letter said that if you need help, you can get it from your close friend (Lupin meant Izk),"
After that, I always think about it
From the start, I think that's weird if Izk didn't brought the letter
Right, we have one suspect in this puzzle
Since that day, I thought there are no progress about it
But Izk told me that the answer of the first puzzle is the school miniature
Gosh?! Such a thing?!
How did he knew??
Since that day (again), if he got a new puzzle, he never told me about that
And he always the one who got the puzzle first, not me
When I asked about that he answered "you didn't take care about it!"
About a week ago, he told me the next puzzle
The next puzzle is : b l ↓ o o d
From this puzzle, the clues are :
1. the writer wrote it on a note book
2. the note book brand is 'My Book'
3. the note book is fake, because the paper is thin
4. the writer is a boy, because the ballpoint he had for wrote it isn't a brand for girls usually wear
5. the writer wrote it and then ripped it
6. the puzzle shows reflection
Izk told me that he got it at my school's pond did he saw it?? such a little paper on a wide place...
That's weird...
I guess Lupin is Izk
He's the one who Super Interest with mysteries
And also my friends not as smart as him, who can make such puzzles
Izk also the one who got the last puzzle with out no crumple
But what's he's goal??
Maybe he gave me a test??
Or what??
That's my mystery, if I get it already, I'll reveal it to him
Now, I'm still looking for it

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ready, Set, Fight!

Next Monday!!
The Final Battle in the seventh grade will starts!!
From now, I'm trying to study harder
Here's the story :
I'm preparing to be ready for the exams
It's a Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) but I have to do it or not
Can I or can't I move to the eighth grade
I have to!
If I failed on the exam, that's very embarrassing!
My predicate on my school will be down!
The Student Organization will 'Say Good Bye' for me
New students will laugh at me
My parents will not show their face anymore at the school
I'll disappoint myself
On the High School I'll not enter the Pioneering International School
Many things will happen if I failed!!
Each day, I try to read the Text Book even just an hour
The most difficult lesson for me is Social
I always gets bad score for this lesson
Many scary scores!
Also, Javanese!
I'm not really sure for this lesson
How I can past this one?!
Help meeeeee!!!
But I have to do it! do it! do it! do ittt!!!!
Settle the Battle's strategy!
Here's My Weekly Dose :
1. A bunch of Social Text Book
2. A plate of Javanese 'Pepak'
3. 4x Mathematics formula book
4. 2x Nationality Text Book and Student Worksheet
5. 10x reading and solve English questions
6. 8x Mind Map for each difficult material
7. 4x Religion Text Book
8. 4x Science reading and summarize
9. 2x Art and Culture reading and Mind Map
10. 3x Music memorize songs
11. Many more!!
I hope it could help me
The exams will starts on 7th of June 2010
I hope my scores were the best of the best!
So everyone, wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Formers

Hey there
Just want to tell my heart's feeling
Honestly, I miss my formers
And this is my heart's want to say
First, (call him Joker because I love him because he's a Joker type)Joker
Miss you Joker, dunno why
I miss your laugh that makes me happy to hear it
I miss your smile with your innocent face
I also miss your funny short message on my mobile
Joker always sits besides me when we were elementary school students
And the teacher always make us more blushes
Like the English teacher said "why both of you not go on a date??" and the science teacher said "I bless both of you to be a couple," also the math teacher said "the perfect couple in our class is talking right now~ hahaha,"
And also the student's parents from my elementary school saw us blushes in front of the court on the canteen! and the student's parents said to my mom "look at your daughter! she's blushing!" *laughing
A boy like you is an extra rare boy of this century *lol
You're smart, clever, talented, romantic, funny, cute, kind, care, not a quite one, active and also a Joker
And I really enjoy those lovely times we spent together
And I miss those special times...
Second, (call him Sky, because he's a fan of Sora on Kingdom Hearts)Sky
What're you doin' now??
I hope you and senior Sarah were just fine
Thanks for everything you gave me when the Students Organization test
You are the one who interviewed me that time
Also when we were on a date beside the School Health Unit, I miss that time
That time, we were on a date accompanied by a song from your friends
Your friends were kind
Then, thank you for the Kingdom Hearts picture on Facebook
That you tagged me as Kairi and you tagged yourself as Sora
And I wonder why you didn't removed the tag until now?? *laughing
I keep it as a memento
When we were on a date, as you know, my face always turns red and after it I always smiles by myself at the class
Anyway, you promised that you wanna teach me play guitar, right?? *laughing
To both of you, do you know??
Both of you raised me up, so I can stand on stormy seas
And when we spent our time together, my heart always beat imperfectly
When I was sad in the middle of rain, you came with an umbrella on your hand
And I really grateful for everything both of you gave me
And there'll be always a place for both of you in my heart even just a little...


Plagiarism is copying or imitating a picture or comic
For the international world, this is a bad and unnecessary thing that always makes conflict
And this plagiarism happens to Bleach!!
Gyaaaaaaahh!!! My favourite manga!! *crying
Bleach been traced by Incarnate
Incarnate is a manga which created by Nick Simmons, the son of a popular musician : Gene Simmons from KISS band
Nick already say sorry, but for us, the fans, this is a big problem
Here's the proofs :

Ichigo-kun, Orihime-chan, Kenpachi-san and Grimmjow-san been imitated! *crying
I hope this problem can be finish with no long time...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Getting Weird

Okay, my early post said that my former (Amad) broke-up with his girlfriend (Sarah)
They relationship status on facebook changed again!
From single to married
What wuz that?!
That one is weird!
Things getting more weird when I arrived at home
I found up my house floors-full-o'-water!
What's goin' on when I wuz gone??
No waters came out from the faucet
No leak at all
My friend (Sani) asked me last day
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "pardon...?"
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "WHAT?!'
(as I know, Sani's boyfriend is a 7G student (call him Tori). And I wuz confused why she asked 7H not 7G??)
Sani : "maybe not yet??"
I : "what're you thinking?! don't tell me you fell in love with someone from 7H?! Don't betrayed Tori!!"
Sani : "no I'm not betrayed him!"
I : "Ahh..?? really...? or you fell in love with (call him Izk) Izk??"
Sani "no, I'm not..!" *blush
I : "bahh.."
Sani is a playgirl, eh??
And I guess in a week there'll be more things getting weird...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The 13th Post

This is the 13th post!
Who said that 13 is an unlucky number?!
For me, 13 is my lucky number
Okay, in this post, I want to tell you something
My former (just call him Amad) and his girlfriend (call her Sarah) broke-up!
Geez! What happen with them?!
As I know, they have no any problems in their relationship!
They always have a date on school break times
But Sarah's relationship status on facebook was changed from married to single!
What happened?!
I have no idea with it
And also Sarah's status on facebook is 'I HATE MY BOYFRIEEEND!!!'
What's the matter with their relationship?!
Until now, it's a mystery...


This morning (26th of May 2010), my friend (call her Aya) told me that a boy from her class(let's call him Anto)...LIKES ME!!
She said "he likes you, you know? He want to tell his feelings to you after school, today. When he ask that, just answer 'yes' okay?"
Wha-what should I do?!
I want him to be my friend!
He's nice and also a basketball lovers too
But I don't know how to say it to Anto
When break times I always seek, trying not to seen by Aya
And I made it, but...
At the 3rd break time, Aya caught me!
Then she asked "what's your answer??" after I heard that, I change the topic and thank goodness I'm save for a while
When the additional lesson started, my teacher told that my class and Aya's class be collected for this time
I don't know what to do!
I only try my best not to look at Anto
Why it happens today?! Geez!
And the additional lesson was over
And I ran away to my class and picked-up my school bag and ran to 7G class
There, I told to my best friend (call her Lina) what happened an hour ago
Then she said "if he's the best for you, why not?" and I said I just wanna be his friend
Then, when I want to go home, I saw Anto and Aya playing badminton at the hall
I ran away as fast as I can
If I say 'yes' to Anto, it's not because of love but because of compassion
If I say 'no' I'll be the 4th person who declined him!
What should I do...?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Dreamer's Dreams!

I guess I'm a dreamer!
These are list of my dreams :
1. I wanna be a mangaka so I can match Tite Kubo
2. I wanna take my family traveling around the world so we can be together where ever we go
3. I wanna take my mother to Mecca so she can make her dream come true
4. I wanna take my little brother to Japan so he can smile widely
5. I wanna take my father to England so he'll be happy
6. I wanna be a home schooling student so I can find more experiences
7. I hope my seniors at 21 JHS never leave 21 JHS and still at the same grader so we can meet and laugh together
8. I hope I can be a student president of my school so I can be closer with them
9. I hope I can play 'Floating Time' song with a guitar so I can make myself happy
10. I hope I can go to Japan even just once so I can visit the Tokyo Tower
11. I hope I can get 100 on my tests so I can make my parents proud
12. I wish I could enter the heaven when I past away so I can meet my family there
13. I wish I can be a shinigami just like Bleach so I can do Shunpo
14. I wish every people all around of world be happy so the world can smile
15. I wish world have no war so children can play peacefully
16. I wish there are no global warming so the end of the world is far
17. I wish Jacko alive so I can watch his concert
All of it just a little peace of my wishes and dreams, I hope all of them not end just be a dream, but be a reality, amien

Childish Classmate

She is my classmate
Let's call her 'Rana'
At the first time I became a student of 7A, I didn't realized if she is like that
At the first moment, she said that she want to join the Student Organization of my school
I thought she is smart, but after the selection
The seniors decided not to received her as a member of Student Organization
When I heard that, I wonder why?
But a few months later I knew the answer
I found it because of an internal problem of my class
It was started just because of her words
She said 'the owner of Joglo Semar is my father!'
We don't believe it of course!
She has no proof!
One of my classmate, she's a daughter of nasmoco company
How about we call her 'Sani'?
Rana said to Sani 'nasmoco, huh? not like my father Joglo Semar!'
Sani was offended by her words
She cried a lot that time
Even she wrote a note about Rana on Facebook
Then I as the a member of Student Organization had to solve the problem
I made both of them sat on the floor of my class and we discussed about them
The problem finished smoothly
Last day, my friend (just call her 'Nia')told me that Rana cloned her best friend's (just call her 'Liya')blog layout and Nia keep asking why Rana cloned Liya's blog
It's true if Liya's blog is cute and adorable (I like it too!)but just because of it Rana mustn't cloned it!
Many cute blog layout, right? And Rana can search more cuter blog layout too!
Make your own style dude!
Nia asked to Rana when the study tour will up
Nia : 'Rana, why don't you donate some bus for our school study tour?'
Rana : 'why I should?'
Nia : 'promotion of course!'
Rana : 'hmm, I don't think so'
Huh?! If I was Rana, I'll asked my dad for it!
Promotion is the motive of course!
One lie statement proofed
My friends asked me 'Rana is a childish girl don't you think?' and 'why Rana always make her voice cuter? however, it's not her true voice I think'
Many friends hates her because of Rana is childish, girly, and many more
Honestly, it's true I think
And I keep wondering why?
And also a gossip said 'she always wear pink stuffs cause of her mother' but I don't know about it
Anyway, a month ago
She was sick and she should stay at the hospital
One day, I visited her
I saw her beautiful mother
She wears a veil, her skin is white, she's friendly and she also has a nice smile
But her father (or the owner of Joglo Semar maybe,hahah)he wears a short pants, black skin, and he's not a friendly guy!
Oh my gosh, so different
Just like the sun and the moon!
Nia told me if yesterday Rana called her mobile and asked what's the material for tomorrow's test
Nia answered Rana
Rana said 'thanks, anyway, congratulation, your 'Ignoring Rana Plan' is succeeded!' then Rana closed the phone
Nia wondering why Rana knew about that, 'as long as I know, the only one who knew about this plan is Liya' Nia said
And things getting worst because of Rana
I think the story of Rana still have a looooong way to go...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Little Brother

I have one little brother
He is very cute
But he's so tiny for kids his age
He is the most little student in his class
Now he's on the third grade of an elementary school nearby my house
He loves toys so much
I wonder why??
Now he's nine years old
But he's still sleep besides our mother
It's true if we sleep together in a room but that's not a reason why he always sleep besides our mother
Can I make him independent??
Maybe I can, but I think it's hard...
Now he's sitting alone on the floor besides the curtain still hoping that mom will let him absent tomorrow
C'mon he had a long holiday two weeks ago!
If I were him, I'll miss my school so much!
And also he always plays my laptop when he have a long holiday playing Pet Society and Bus Driver all day
When I home, he still play those games!
Great, now he's sitting besides me looking at my aunt's laptop screen, I guess he want me to borrow him our aunt's laptop
Nice try!
But he's kind (but sometimes)
And if he want study harder, he'll be a brilliant kid
I'm sure about that
He just like 'the diamond in the rough'
Lil bro, I hope you can be smarter and be more confident!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

S.E.E. (Super Exhausting Exams)

Two more weeks
The exam will starts
Our next destiny depend in a week
We have been studied for 1 year, but why our 'one year full of study' just for a week?
This country is so weird! (or even freak)
I guess I'm not ready for it
I'm not smart
If I study very hard in 3 days or more, it'll end on the paramount bed of a hospital
I'm not a bookworm or a smart one or even the hard worker!
I just wanna be 'me'
I'm so worry about this exam, how I can past through it?!
Also, there's a RSBI test next Monday
If we don't have good score, my school will have lower predicate
It's not only depend on me but all of 7th and 8th graders
I'm not so worry about the 8th grader, but the 7th grader is!
If I have to be honest, (sorry) 7th grader doesn't have enough smarts students (even a girl like I am can join this school)and the brainless students have no try with study
This is terrible...
The 9th graders are GREAT
The 8th graders are SMART
And the 7th grader, I'm hopeless with it...
I don't like it
Just with a piece of paper can make you fail or even success
Things getting badder and badder...

Friday, May 21, 2010

'Curtain Never Shuts'

Is a Farewell Party for my seniors...
The stage was settled
Many chairs in front of it
Red carpet is out
For seniors (especially from the last Students Organization members)
Many days we've past
From zero until now
At the matriculation program
We don't know each other
But after weeks we past
We know each other and we also share many things
The members of Student Organization...
I'm so jealous looking at them
They looks like a big family in my school
Friendship, Love, Sharing, Family they have it!
I like them so much and I keep wondering could be it happens now...
But I think that's really hopeless...
A group of smart students who will be you never found anywhere!
I gonna miss all of them :'(
Then for my former's girlfriend
Haha, yeah it's senior Meta
Take care of my former 'kay?? :)
Then for the 'Mami'
hahahaha XD
Thanks for trained us 3 months ago
All of you are the best! X)
If we have a competition again, please come to school again!
Don't worry about the meal! hahaha
For all of 9th grader seniors, Good luck on the Senior High School! Thanks 4 everything! Gonna miss all of you! 21 JHS really proud to have seniors like all of you! X')

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th 2010

Today I didn't went to school
But I went to a Mall in my town
My friend's mom asked me to come with her to promote her cosmetic product
Her cosmetic product is familiar, so maybe you know what product it is
At the first time, I was nervous
Because my mom left me alone with my mom's friends-in-business
And I'm afraid if I can't work properly
My duty is give a brochure for each people who passing through the stand
I can't imagine what will happen next
A few days ago, I'm sure if I'll be okay for this job
And I hope so!
A lady passing through the stand!
I tried to be confidence
I said "Would you mind? Join our promo?"
'I did it!!' I said to myself
She just took the brochure from me and she went to the lower floor
My lip began to smile widely
I made it!!
After that, many person passing through
And this is my chance, one by one I gave them the brochure
Until the end, from many people I gave
There was just one lady with her little daughters who bought our product
Well but today I learn many from today's experience...:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When, Where, How

When I can get a true love?
Where I can found him?
How I can realize it?
Many questions about my 'Romeo' that I looking for
But those 3 questions are the main questions from a million questions about my true love
I still can't find him
Every day I always asks to myself
"Where's he? Will I get him? Did he realize it too?"
I'm so confused about that
People says 'You will find him, he'll never go away because God sent him to you'
I believe with it
But, how about if I can't find him or he can't find me?
If we met, can we fell in love each other?
Will we be a couple?
So many days I past, but I can't find the answers for my questions
We met, but we don't love each other
It could be happen isn't it?
Many stories will happen
Could be 100 stories
Or could be 1000 ways...
Just one person, but it's very hard to find him
'True Love' I guess It's a person which hard to I find...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Best Friend

It's true if she is kind
It's fact if she is cute
It's reality if she can make me laugh
But I don't understand why...
After I went live the town
She became a 'conqueror' since I left the town
She thought she is the main character of every manga she knew
If the main character is a male, she'll thought she's the main female character of it
She said to my friends (included my first love) "I'm Amu Hinamori!"
But I dunno what happened to my friends,they just thought if that's the TRUE!!
She thought if she's Rukia Kuchiki,Misaki Ayuzawa,Sakura Haruno,Ichigo Momomiya,Kagome Higurashi and blah blah blah!!
Honestly, I HATE IT!!
Didn't she realized that I want to become a main character too just once? :'( that's cruel...
I always got the 'back stage' characters!
What kinda friend is that?
My first love also claimed that he's Kurosaki Ichigo,Takumi Usui,Sasuke Uchiha,Aoyama Masaya or even Inuyasha!
Grrh...if both of them fell in love each other,why they didn't go in a date?!
And also if he likes Bleach,she'll like it too
If he likes Inuyasha,she'll like it too!
Also he likes Naruto,she'll like it too!!
They always be a couple on an anime...
Something's weird with 'em...
Or maybe her...?
Look,I don't hate her,but I dislikes her who always wanna be 'someone's character'
Why don't she built a story with her as the main character?She dislikes herself?
Why don't she told him the true that she love him?Why she lies with her own heart?
Why she always took the main character?Is she hates herself?
Why she always pretend like that?Wanna hurt me?
Still many un-answer questions about her...
If she think he's her match love for her, why don't she honest to herself or himself?
She don't have to be like that if she love him
But why she never be honest even to her own heart...?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


He's funny
He's cute
He's adorable
He's smart
He's clever
He's talented
That's what I think about you long long time ago...
But then,we broke-up
Since that day we never meet again
You betrayed me
You let me down
You don't tell me why you broke my heart until now
I hate you so much since that day
And I try not to remember you again
We were star-crossed...
And then,we meet again...
I saw you, and you also saw me
Your voice doesn't change much
Your jokes still makes me laugh
I dunno why...
My heart feels warm when I was beside you
Why? Why? Why?
Am I fall in love again with you?
Or I missed you?
I even can't understand myself...
But I hope I'm not fall in love again with you...

Friday, May 7, 2010


I always play on the main stage
I have many friends who makes me laugh
I have a BF (psst!) who loves me so much
I have a best friend who always understand me
But then...
Today, it's change...
I never go out from the shadow of a big tree
From that place
My friends have new friends
Also, my BF breaks up with me
Then, I saw my best friend with her friend playing all around
And I begin to step my foot, go far away from under the tree
I dunno where else to go
And I still looking for tomorrow...
Like a hopeless butterfly reaching the blue sky...

My New Life

I'll give you the clue
My New Life will starts :)
I hope this new life could make me better
You want to know what that is??
I won't tell you
hi hi hi :)
Just guess it!