Saturday, May 22, 2010

S.E.E. (Super Exhausting Exams)

Two more weeks
The exam will starts
Our next destiny depend in a week
We have been studied for 1 year, but why our 'one year full of study' just for a week?
This country is so weird! (or even freak)
I guess I'm not ready for it
I'm not smart
If I study very hard in 3 days or more, it'll end on the paramount bed of a hospital
I'm not a bookworm or a smart one or even the hard worker!
I just wanna be 'me'
I'm so worry about this exam, how I can past through it?!
Also, there's a RSBI test next Monday
If we don't have good score, my school will have lower predicate
It's not only depend on me but all of 7th and 8th graders
I'm not so worry about the 8th grader, but the 7th grader is!
If I have to be honest, (sorry) 7th grader doesn't have enough smarts students (even a girl like I am can join this school)and the brainless students have no try with study
This is terrible...
The 9th graders are GREAT
The 8th graders are SMART
And the 7th grader, I'm hopeless with it...
I don't like it
Just with a piece of paper can make you fail or even success
Things getting badder and badder...

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