Tuesday, May 11, 2010


He's funny
He's cute
He's adorable
He's smart
He's clever
He's talented
That's what I think about you long long time ago...
But then,we broke-up
Since that day we never meet again
You betrayed me
You let me down
You don't tell me why you broke my heart until now
I hate you so much since that day
And I try not to remember you again
We were star-crossed...
And then,we meet again...
I saw you, and you also saw me
Your voice doesn't change much
Your jokes still makes me laugh
I dunno why...
My heart feels warm when I was beside you
Why? Why? Why?
Am I fall in love again with you?
Or I missed you?
I even can't understand myself...
But I hope I'm not fall in love again with you...

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