Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning (26th of May 2010), my friend (call her Aya) told me that a boy from her class(let's call him Anto)...LIKES ME!!
She said "he likes you, you know? He want to tell his feelings to you after school, today. When he ask that, just answer 'yes' okay?"
Wha-what should I do?!
I want him to be my friend!
He's nice and also a basketball lovers too
But I don't know how to say it to Anto
When break times I always seek, trying not to seen by Aya
And I made it, but...
At the 3rd break time, Aya caught me!
Then she asked "what's your answer??" after I heard that, I change the topic and thank goodness I'm save for a while
When the additional lesson started, my teacher told that my class and Aya's class be collected for this time
I don't know what to do!
I only try my best not to look at Anto
Why it happens today?! Geez!
And the additional lesson was over
And I ran away to my class and picked-up my school bag and ran to 7G class
There, I told to my best friend (call her Lina) what happened an hour ago
Then she said "if he's the best for you, why not?" and I said I just wanna be his friend
Then, when I want to go home, I saw Anto and Aya playing badminton at the hall
I ran away as fast as I can
If I say 'yes' to Anto, it's not because of love but because of compassion
If I say 'no' I'll be the 4th person who declined him!
What should I do...?

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