Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When, Where, How

When I can get a true love?
Where I can found him?
How I can realize it?
Many questions about my 'Romeo' that I looking for
But those 3 questions are the main questions from a million questions about my true love
I still can't find him
Every day I always asks to myself
"Where's he? Will I get him? Did he realize it too?"
I'm so confused about that
People says 'You will find him, he'll never go away because God sent him to you'
I believe with it
But, how about if I can't find him or he can't find me?
If we met, can we fell in love each other?
Will we be a couple?
So many days I past, but I can't find the answers for my questions
We met, but we don't love each other
It could be happen isn't it?
Many stories will happen
Could be 100 stories
Or could be 1000 ways...
Just one person, but it's very hard to find him
'True Love' I guess It's a person which hard to I find...

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