Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Getting Weird

Okay, my early post said that my former (Amad) broke-up with his girlfriend (Sarah)
They relationship status on facebook changed again!
From single to married
What wuz that?!
That one is weird!
Things getting more weird when I arrived at home
I found up my house floors-full-o'-water!
What's goin' on when I wuz gone??
No waters came out from the faucet
No leak at all
My friend (Sani) asked me last day
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "pardon...?"
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "WHAT?!'
(as I know, Sani's boyfriend is a 7G student (call him Tori). And I wuz confused why she asked 7H not 7G??)
Sani : "maybe not yet??"
I : "what're you thinking?! don't tell me you fell in love with someone from 7H?! Don't betrayed Tori!!"
Sani : "no I'm not betrayed him!"
I : "Ahh..?? really...? or you fell in love with (call him Izk) Izk??"
Sani "no, I'm not..!" *blush
I : "bahh.."
Sani is a playgirl, eh??
And I guess in a week there'll be more things getting weird...

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