Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twenty Ninth of February

Hi guys, today is the 29th day of February. February 2012 will be over less than 24 hours from now. In February, I've got and lost several things. Those that I got are friendship and relations with my friends and special persons for me :) but I've lost my grandma on 22nd Feb 12 :( well, but I won't regret it if it's the best choice from God for her and our family.

Anyway, how's today for ya? Is today your birthday? Or your anniversary? :) 29 Feb is very special. It's marked on calendar only once in four years. So we only experienced 29 Feb only once in four years. Indonesian call the year with 29 Feb as "Tahun Kabisat".

For me today is lucky in practicum but bad in written. Of course, today I've got Javanese test and the worse is I don't understand Javanese (besides, no one in my family could teach me) and the test was badly difficult, damn it -.- meanwhile at the good side, today I finished my painting for the Art Class Practicum Test :)) I'll show it on the next post right away. Even today, Aldino paid his debt. It's not 100% keel already but at least he already paid more than 50% of his debt. Remember? Akbar, Candil and Aldino asked me to borrow some money so they can watch Journey 2 on the last HO -_-" Candil was the first one who paid it. Akbar already paid his debt to me. But neither Aldino *sighs

Oh and also, 'he' decided to decrease our talking time in school intensity. 'He' is afraid if some of our teacher find out. At the first time I got worried but after I and 'him' through this, I'm getting used to this :)

And the last, 11 days more is our first year anniversary XD I'm looking forward to this. But you have to know we aren't thinking of HO for March 11th. Because the day after that date, there will be a practicum test so we have to prepare well ;) I've got some March wishes and I'm praying for it to be come true. So, what's your #marchwish ? :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9C's IT Project Photos

Today Novi gave me the photos when the IT project, BUMS, of our class. And as I promised, I'll post the photos. The thing that you should know that we sell those foods, milkshakes and stationeries on the Ceremony Court of our school and we were using Novi's Nikon SLR Cam. I'm the one who took a few of these the photos. Enjoy! :)

Ahya and Ayu's IT group; CV. Halloween :)

Me, Fahmi, Via and Yogis :D

Raka and Dahliya was really sweet! XD

The stuffs :)

Cute? Of course! :D

Putri, Ila and Novi ;)

I ordered this on Laila's CV. E and F, E stands or Elsa and F stands for Fathul ;)

Counting our profits :D

Say hi!

Wibi X Aufal Pre-wedding photo XD lol

Aldi's richness! lol

Counting, counting and counting

My personal stuffs

'He' ate the E while I ate the F :*

Dungdung couple :D LOL!

We share the fun, the happiness, the sadness, that's 9C :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share the Sweets

Happy Val's Day! :D Today I surprised 'him' with my plan. I gave 'him' a Val's Day greeting card with a heart  fantasy lollipop on the back of it. I choose lollipop not chocolate. Chocolate only have one color, while lollipop have many colors like rainbow. As you know, our love story doesn't moves without any riddles and some kind of that. But there are much of happiness and glad that we share together. Our love story have many colors like a rainbow :) Otherwise if I give 'him' a chocolate I guess it's not only the sweets that I can give to my bf. And I love being different like others as long as it is still normal and not too quirky :D

Here is the card that I gave to 'him', I gave it on the second break :) I made it on my own

so lovely~

we signed the card with our signatures XD

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gift

H-2 Valentine but 'he' already give me a valentine gift. Guess what? 'he' come with us to Paragon today! XD 'He' asked 'his' mom for permission and after that 'he' left Laila's bf phone number to her. Luckily 'his ' mom is in a good mood so everything is done properly :D First, we went to Paragon by Damri bus. 'He' sat beside me :$ and 'he' also wear the couple silly band -^^- And yes he paid me for the bus ticket, lol.

I, 'he', Laila and Hanif arrived there. But we haven't met Candika, Aldino and Akbar yet. They said that they were still on Tsanie's house. Oh yeah, Laila told us that Cherry Belle will be here, in Paragon. So we ordered the ticket for them. Actually we wanna watch Paranormal Activity 3 but it is not on the 'Now Showing' board anymore. So we decided to watch Journey 2. The line was very long. Then I asked "what if we don't get the ticket for Journey 2?" "well then what about if we watch Chronicle if we run out of ticket?" asked Laila "okay then :)". But fortunately, we were not run out of ticket for Journey 2. And surprisingly, we got the A seat! :D the movie started at 2.10 PM. 'He' was hungry and we decided to go to the food court (Robuchon) to have lunch.

I, 'he' and Laila ordered Sushi on Sushi Donbouri while Hanif drank a coffee from Coffee Toffee. 'He' asked me to feed 'him' then I did :$ we were joking there for about 45 minutes. Then Hanif said that he want to play Razing Storm machine gun or something. Loony, the machine won't work even when he inserted the coin to the machine. So Hanif lose his 4 tokens ._.

the cutest of all XD

After that we were separated. I and 'him' went to Sports Station, Stroberi, Naughty and Toko Gunung Agung. Hanif called us to come to XXI. When we arrived at XXI Candika, Akbar and Aldino was there. They were just waiting while sitting on the sofa. 'He' wanna pie and so did I. We went out again from XXI looking for toilet. After that, we went to TGA again. I bought Gadis #5. The clock showed 2.00 PM so we move back to XXI again. There, we bought a medium popcorn for both of us -^^- The show was fascinating. Journey 2 is very funny and entertaining :) I like it. Even 'he' also laughed out loud because of the clumsyness of the movie player XD 'he' is very cute >w<

We went home by my car. But we stopped for a while at Hermina Hospital because Rio caught a fever and mom caught a stomachache. Mom dropped Hanif, 'he' and Laila to their houses. Everything runs smoothly.

I'm very happy today because it is the first time I got a special gift like this from my bf for Valentine's Day -^^- I love 'him'! :*

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eleven Months!

Eleven months already! phew, not easy for me and 'him'. Well yah today is our anniversary :) But the thing that you should know, Laila asked us to go with her and his bf for hang out to Paragon this Saturday but the plan  was canceled since Laila's bf and his gank decided to delay (or even cancel) the hang out. They didn't say a thing or something wrong or even some reason why they canceled it. On 2 AM Laila texted me. She said we'll go for hang out tomorrow. Some kinda double date ;) it'd be interesting, but the problem is 'his' mother is kinda of a killer mom --" even she don't really like me since she discovered that I am 'his' gf. Darn. After all, we made    a trick to avoid 'his' mother's madness. I'll tell you when the plan is already done, 'kay?

'He' is so cool :)

Oh and of course, today I, 'he', mom and Rio went to Rio's school. I wanted to sell the stuff from my IT project there. So we went there and gave the merchandises to a teacher of Rio's school.

When we were on Rio's school, 'he' played football with Rio ^^

After we went there we went to Pecel Mbah Uti to have some meal :D We were full and the last destination is home. Yeah, 'he' played in my house for a while XD

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Solving Riddles

You know, I haven't get the photos from Novi so I just write this post without photos. Anw, there's a riddle. You know 'her' right? Well, 'he' told me that 'she' text him that 'she' still loves 'him'. I don't get it. But I told  about that to Amel and Amel told me to dirrectly cay want I wanna say to 'her'. So today I talked with 'her'. Honestly, I'm tired for having an enemy in my class so I want to fix the problem and start over. Just like press a "START" button and start from zero. I told 'her' my feelings. Well, but the respond wasn't the answer that I want. 'She' said "whatever" and so over. I'm kinda confused. So I got to the point. But when I asked, she cried. I dunno why. I put my chair back and I went outta class. Ichi and Ayu saw me crying... Of course I'm crying, how can I angry with someone who cried?? I told Ichi the truth but Ms.Dar saw us so we moved to class. In the class, the boys saw me crying and also Amel, Ila and Novi. They calm me down and let me tell them what happened. Sometimes the boys cheer me up with acting like "Panji Si Petualang" :') thanks a lot for all of ya. So there was no solution.

Then on 6 : 36 PM 'she'(Rida) text me like this :

Els, I'm sorry for the mistakes, and also for the misunderstanding, really sorry, sorry, sorry. . .

I replied on 6 : 53 PM

Hm, basically I want a friendship but I want oth of us to be honest so there won't be any misunderstanding anymore, if there's something that you don't like from me just talk to me, I'm feeling better with that

I'm sorry too Rid

And she replied me on 6 : 44 PM

I'm just self-conscious El, when I read your blog, undirectly it says that you don't wanna be my friend

I replied on 6 : 45 PM

The one of my blog post last year??

She replied "yes"
Guess so, then I text this on 6 : 47  PM

It was last year, what happened is done
open a new page for the next, but I want a fair play, hahaha

She didn't replied but I hope we can fix our problem and the misundertandings :) just wish it to be come true

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stucked Up

Hi everyone! It's February already. Yesterday morning the IT project started. Guess what? I brought an orange luggage wheels! Yeah, and it was full of the stationery that I'll sell. At the first time I thought it might be easier to bring all of them in a luggage wheels, but I'm clumsy and you know that. Last night was rainy so there were so many pools of water on the road. It stucked me up -_-"

When I arrived at the class, I saw my classmates preparing for the project and the fact was they don't bring a luggage wheels like me. They brought tongs for the water and something like that. Even Yogis brought blenders for our milkshake. While Via asked her relation to carry ice blocks for the milkshake. And in the morning, Novi fried the fried chocolate with her mother. Ah yes, and Amel didn't back to Semarang and join us because she was still in Jakarta for her film casting. Everyone was busy.

It was about break time, or should say the time we should sell our products. The IT teacher asked us to bring our products to the IT room and prepare the stand for ourselves. Fahmi and Yogis tagged/booked the stand for us while Novi prepare the milkshake and I & Via prepared the fried chocolate.

First break, a lot of students came to the stands. The foods and milkshake that we sell sold in a second. While the stationery not sold out as fast as the food and milkshake. A little dissappointing. But it doesn't matter. Maybe someday I'll sell them :) 'He' ordered the koko crunch. But I forgot... --" The last koko crunch was sold to a junior. But don't worry, Via bring it today ;)

Last day was a great experience and the thing that you should know, I went home with my full-of-stuff luggage wheels. Luckily, mom picked me and we directly went to Hermina Hospital because my lil bro want to put off one of his tooth. After we went there, we went to Paragon. I bought GADIS Magazine and NAKAYOSHI :D But awkwardly, there was no Bleach or Black Butler tankoubon -_- *sighs. I forgot that I got a homework to draw my school for Art class and Biology summary... But I can handle it so don't worry :D *lol. The last thing was we arrived at home at 9 PM and I still wore my school uniform...

N.B. maybe on the next post I'll post the photos when the IT project :D don't miss it, readers!