Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gift

H-2 Valentine but 'he' already give me a valentine gift. Guess what? 'he' come with us to Paragon today! XD 'He' asked 'his' mom for permission and after that 'he' left Laila's bf phone number to her. Luckily 'his ' mom is in a good mood so everything is done properly :D First, we went to Paragon by Damri bus. 'He' sat beside me :$ and 'he' also wear the couple silly band -^^- And yes he paid me for the bus ticket, lol.

I, 'he', Laila and Hanif arrived there. But we haven't met Candika, Aldino and Akbar yet. They said that they were still on Tsanie's house. Oh yeah, Laila told us that Cherry Belle will be here, in Paragon. So we ordered the ticket for them. Actually we wanna watch Paranormal Activity 3 but it is not on the 'Now Showing' board anymore. So we decided to watch Journey 2. The line was very long. Then I asked "what if we don't get the ticket for Journey 2?" "well then what about if we watch Chronicle if we run out of ticket?" asked Laila "okay then :)". But fortunately, we were not run out of ticket for Journey 2. And surprisingly, we got the A seat! :D the movie started at 2.10 PM. 'He' was hungry and we decided to go to the food court (Robuchon) to have lunch.

I, 'he' and Laila ordered Sushi on Sushi Donbouri while Hanif drank a coffee from Coffee Toffee. 'He' asked me to feed 'him' then I did :$ we were joking there for about 45 minutes. Then Hanif said that he want to play Razing Storm machine gun or something. Loony, the machine won't work even when he inserted the coin to the machine. So Hanif lose his 4 tokens ._.

the cutest of all XD

After that we were separated. I and 'him' went to Sports Station, Stroberi, Naughty and Toko Gunung Agung. Hanif called us to come to XXI. When we arrived at XXI Candika, Akbar and Aldino was there. They were just waiting while sitting on the sofa. 'He' wanna pie and so did I. We went out again from XXI looking for toilet. After that, we went to TGA again. I bought Gadis #5. The clock showed 2.00 PM so we move back to XXI again. There, we bought a medium popcorn for both of us -^^- The show was fascinating. Journey 2 is very funny and entertaining :) I like it. Even 'he' also laughed out loud because of the clumsyness of the movie player XD 'he' is very cute >w<

We went home by my car. But we stopped for a while at Hermina Hospital because Rio caught a fever and mom caught a stomachache. Mom dropped Hanif, 'he' and Laila to their houses. Everything runs smoothly.

I'm very happy today because it is the first time I got a special gift like this from my bf for Valentine's Day -^^- I love 'him'! :*

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