Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eleven Months!

Eleven months already! phew, not easy for me and 'him'. Well yah today is our anniversary :) But the thing that you should know, Laila asked us to go with her and his bf for hang out to Paragon this Saturday but the plan  was canceled since Laila's bf and his gank decided to delay (or even cancel) the hang out. They didn't say a thing or something wrong or even some reason why they canceled it. On 2 AM Laila texted me. She said we'll go for hang out tomorrow. Some kinda double date ;) it'd be interesting, but the problem is 'his' mother is kinda of a killer mom --" even she don't really like me since she discovered that I am 'his' gf. Darn. After all, we made    a trick to avoid 'his' mother's madness. I'll tell you when the plan is already done, 'kay?

'He' is so cool :)

Oh and of course, today I, 'he', mom and Rio went to Rio's school. I wanted to sell the stuff from my IT project there. So we went there and gave the merchandises to a teacher of Rio's school.

When we were on Rio's school, 'he' played football with Rio ^^

After we went there we went to Pecel Mbah Uti to have some meal :D We were full and the last destination is home. Yeah, 'he' played in my house for a while XD

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