Saturday, February 4, 2012

Solving Riddles

You know, I haven't get the photos from Novi so I just write this post without photos. Anw, there's a riddle. You know 'her' right? Well, 'he' told me that 'she' text him that 'she' still loves 'him'. I don't get it. But I told  about that to Amel and Amel told me to dirrectly cay want I wanna say to 'her'. So today I talked with 'her'. Honestly, I'm tired for having an enemy in my class so I want to fix the problem and start over. Just like press a "START" button and start from zero. I told 'her' my feelings. Well, but the respond wasn't the answer that I want. 'She' said "whatever" and so over. I'm kinda confused. So I got to the point. But when I asked, she cried. I dunno why. I put my chair back and I went outta class. Ichi and Ayu saw me crying... Of course I'm crying, how can I angry with someone who cried?? I told Ichi the truth but Ms.Dar saw us so we moved to class. In the class, the boys saw me crying and also Amel, Ila and Novi. They calm me down and let me tell them what happened. Sometimes the boys cheer me up with acting like "Panji Si Petualang" :') thanks a lot for all of ya. So there was no solution.

Then on 6 : 36 PM 'she'(Rida) text me like this :

Els, I'm sorry for the mistakes, and also for the misunderstanding, really sorry, sorry, sorry. . .

I replied on 6 : 53 PM

Hm, basically I want a friendship but I want oth of us to be honest so there won't be any misunderstanding anymore, if there's something that you don't like from me just talk to me, I'm feeling better with that

I'm sorry too Rid

And she replied me on 6 : 44 PM

I'm just self-conscious El, when I read your blog, undirectly it says that you don't wanna be my friend

I replied on 6 : 45 PM

The one of my blog post last year??

She replied "yes"
Guess so, then I text this on 6 : 47  PM

It was last year, what happened is done
open a new page for the next, but I want a fair play, hahaha

She didn't replied but I hope we can fix our problem and the misundertandings :) just wish it to be come true

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