Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twenty Ninth of February

Hi guys, today is the 29th day of February. February 2012 will be over less than 24 hours from now. In February, I've got and lost several things. Those that I got are friendship and relations with my friends and special persons for me :) but I've lost my grandma on 22nd Feb 12 :( well, but I won't regret it if it's the best choice from God for her and our family.

Anyway, how's today for ya? Is today your birthday? Or your anniversary? :) 29 Feb is very special. It's marked on calendar only once in four years. So we only experienced 29 Feb only once in four years. Indonesian call the year with 29 Feb as "Tahun Kabisat".

For me today is lucky in practicum but bad in written. Of course, today I've got Javanese test and the worse is I don't understand Javanese (besides, no one in my family could teach me) and the test was badly difficult, damn it -.- meanwhile at the good side, today I finished my painting for the Art Class Practicum Test :)) I'll show it on the next post right away. Even today, Aldino paid his debt. It's not 100% keel already but at least he already paid more than 50% of his debt. Remember? Akbar, Candil and Aldino asked me to borrow some money so they can watch Journey 2 on the last HO -_-" Candil was the first one who paid it. Akbar already paid his debt to me. But neither Aldino *sighs

Oh and also, 'he' decided to decrease our talking time in school intensity. 'He' is afraid if some of our teacher find out. At the first time I got worried but after I and 'him' through this, I'm getting used to this :)

And the last, 11 days more is our first year anniversary XD I'm looking forward to this. But you have to know we aren't thinking of HO for March 11th. Because the day after that date, there will be a practicum test so we have to prepare well ;) I've got some March wishes and I'm praying for it to be come true. So, what's your #marchwish ? :)

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