Friday, August 20, 2010

August Post

Hey guyzZ
Long time no see, heheh
I never post a new entry since August
So, this is the first post on August 2010
I have no idea for this post so I'll just tell you want I wanna tell
Firstly, I and my friends will face ICAS test
ICAS is International Competition and Assessments for Schools
It's very popular
The one who got 100 will have a gold-shining-medal
I can't imagine if I can get the medal just like senior Faiq
He's so smart!!
But I'm not really surprised, he stayed on England for 5 years
Darn, the ICAS was so hard! *cried
Last Saturday was the first ICAS test, the subject was English
Next Saturday, we'll have ICAS again
The subject will be Mathematics
I heard from one of my friend that the ICAS will be the same as IQ test
Other topic
I didn't went to school for a week because of a flu and hard cough
I stayed at grandma's house for a week
Also for accompanied my grandpa
I'm so sad, my grandpa is still sick
His body is very thin!
And I don't 100% believe that grandpa's weight is more thin than I!
Next topic
Anto is crazier than ever
His aunt called me for 14 times in a day (or maybe more than that)
It's bothering me so much!
I hate him! hate! hate! hate! hate!!
I hope he can stop fall in love with me and I can have a peaceful life!
Other topic
Rina (my best friend on Jakarta) had a birthday on 20 August!
That day, I greeted her on Facebook
Then she told me that her boyfriend didn't say a thing to her
He forgot his girlfriend's b'day! OMG!
What a careless guy...
I hope Rina can be more patient about him