Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are We Friends?

Hey guyzZ
This is the first post on the month
I can't go online anymore in my house because the internet provider had been cut already by my mom
Now, I'm writing this post in the School's Computer Laboratory
I want to talk about something
Something that I have been thinking for this day
I'm thinking "is Lina a true friend of mine??"
She's a best friend I think
But last night I sent her a message and she didn't answer my text
And also for a few weeks ago I asked her about the Math Homework via message
And she didn't answered too
The next day at school she didn't talked about that
Like she never get the text from me
And I'm thinking if I be friends with Lina, will (a friend of Lina) Angel angry at me??
I can't let that happened--but I guess I already did that...
Well, the truth is Lina is a good friend but sometimes (or maybe several time) her typical is 'Less Act Talk More'
That the opposite of my typical
I don't really like to talk, I would like do something else than talking about something that requires a lot of energies--and it also wasting my time
Well yah, she's older than me but she doesn't know a lot
I thought she's older than me so I can sharing some thing new and interesting with her, but I guess I'm miss calculated
I'm not negative thinking about her, but there are no positive effects--there are, but not much--that effected me
Also, when the Scout she can't teach Morse correctly, but she pretended that she know Morse correctly, that was a lie!
So guyzZ, what should I do next??
*and please don't tell Lina about this problem! >.<

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