Friday, October 8, 2010

Breaking Down the Friendship

I already tell that I and Lina have a problem
The problem is she thought that I don't wanna be her friend
I want to, but she never want to play again with me
She loves to play with (call him) Adhara
Well, Adhara is friendly but he's a weird guy, he loves to play with girls (not like ordinary guys) and he can sing beautifully like a girl
Now, I'm writing this post (while I eat my noodles, drink a cup of Good Day and eat some chips) in the class while Lina is going somewhere I don't know and with who
But I guess she's go for a walk with (call her) Gan
Gan is a friend of mine, she is also a Chamber Scout member
When Gan come to my class Lina always go with Gan and leave me without say a thing
I can't tell Lina or Gan if it hurts a lot
I don't what should I now
And also, today there's a PE lesson
The Subject is Volley Ball
The teacher told us to make a group of 2 to practice Volley Ball
I didn't got the ball, and Lina got one but Liya have none
Then Lina saw me and she gave her ball and I practice Volley Ball with Liya
While Lina practice it with (call her) Indri
Hmm...I don't what should I do know *sigh

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