Monday, November 8, 2010

A Month...

Well, long time no see, hahaha
hmm...for a month I can't write a new post so my blog have no new posts
But today, I can write a new post *cheers
Okay, the first that I want to tell you is => I became the Student Council President~ *cheers
I hope I can do the best for leading the Student Council \(>w<)/ so, wish me luck!
Then, on the earlier post it said that I and Lina went to a 'fight' but now, I and Lina are okay *cheers
And guess what?? the Chamber Scout will have a competition this November!
All of us from the Chamber Scout hopes we can win the competition! Yeah! Go for it! \(>w<)/
And~ my school will have a Sister School program this November until next January
On November, the Sister School will be held on Jakarta
While on January, the Sister School program will be held on Singapore and Malaysia
My parents told me to go to Malaysia and Singapore
So...Why not?! I would love to! XD *cheers

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