Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fiona’s New Year Celebration

19th century, in the middle of London, a huge manor house was built. Nobles lived in a huge manor house with many maids and butlers. One of the noble was Cartridge family. Cartridge was very popular because of the toys and candies that the Cartridge created. The Cartridge householder was Fordo Cartridge, and his wife was Avella Cartridge and they only child was Fiona Cartridge. Fiona was only 8. On December 31st, Fiona was lonely. In the manor house, there were just the chefs, butlers and the maids and her. Queen Elizabeth invited her parents to a New Year Celebration. In the huge manor house she was walking up and down the stairs with a rabbit doll she got on her hand. The butlers, the maids and the chefs were worried, looking at the Little Lady walking up and down the stairs. Then, one of the butler asked Fiona. “What are you doing Little Lady?” the butler asked “Don’t you see? I’m waiting for my parents!” she answered “Oh, yes. But, Little Lady, Great Master and Mistress will arrived at home on 1 AM tomorrow,” “is that mean that I can’t celebrate New Year without my parents?” Little Fiona asked “we-well, uh…” the butler didn’t say a thing. Fiona disappointed and she went to her room. On her bedroom, she wondered what’ll she do next while she was waiting her parents arrive at home. The clock showed 11 PM and Fiona fell asleep. One of the maid knocked Fiona’s bedroom door. And the maid said “wake up Little Lady,” “nggh…what time is it now?” Fiona asked “It is 11 PM Little Lady, may I invite my Little Lady to the Dining Room?” “Oh, sure…What is it?” “Little Lady will know what will happen soon!” the maid answered. When they entered the Dining Room, Fiona shocked. She saw a made of chocolate Big Ben replica and a princess replica besides it. “WELCOME, LITTLE LADY!” the maids, butlers and the chefs said nicely. “Will Little Lady join our New Year Party?” one of the maid asked, then Fiona answered with a wide smile “yes! I would love to!” Then Fiona celebrated the New Year Party with the butlers, maids and chefs. Fiona realized that no matter who stands besides her she’ll be happy if someone besides her is someone who loves Fiona. That night, Fiona was the happiest person in the manor house. She requested one of the butler join her with the waltz dance in the ball room. Then…DING DANG DING DANG, the clock was ringing and showing midnight. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” Fiona shouted happily. “Yes! Happy New Year Little Lady,” the butlers, maids and chefs said. “Thank you for all of you for accompanying me this night! Once more, thank you!” Fiona said with her innocent smile. “It is an honor, Little Lady,” the chefs, butlers and maids said. Then Fiona decided to go back to her room and have a sleep. When she closed the bedroom’s door, she walked to her bed and she wondered will she have a spectacular New Year Party next year again.

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