Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tennis Class

On Friday, there were no Scout Extra
I had the first meeting of Tennis Class
I wore a short blue pants and a white-blue Reebok shirt that I usually wear for Basket
Well, I have no option so I wore the Basket 'costume'
Oh, I almost forgot, my little bro also come with me for his third meeting
He wore a red short pants and a red Reebok shirt
He already bought the tennis racket
The tennis racket is Wilson
Its colors are white, black and yellow
Actually the racket is a big one for him
But however it's a small racket for a tennis player
I guess my little bro is too little for the racket *lol
I was so excited because this is the first time I have a Tennis Class
We practice tennis on the Tennis Court in front of KUMON nearby my little bro's Elementary School
Uh~ I think I'm too optimistic until I didn't know the right body position when I hit the ball
Next try, I'm getting better and better
But sometimes I didn't hit the spot...
A few minutes later I realized that there's someone who was playing a Basketball besides the Tennis Yard
A tall and thin boy, he was wearing a white shirt and a dark-colored pants
When I started to looking at the one who played basketball I realized that guy is...Udin!!
What?! I was shocked and I tried not to look at him anymore!
I discovered that his house is nearby the Tennis Court!
A doom or what??

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