Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wish Me Luck

Listen, tomorrow is the First Final Examination of my eighth grader year. This exam is very troublesome, but want it or not, I have to face it so I can move on to last year of Junior High. Honestly, I love being an eighth grader girl. But time goes by, I have to keep on moving forward. The point is, I want all of this post reader to wish me lucky for this exam so I can continue my education journey to the next step. Thanks a lot everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank You!

Guys, I checked the Page-viewers of my Blog. Honestly, I'm shocked! So many Page-viewers who visited my Blog and I really appreciate it. Because of it, I dedicate this post for Page-viewers who already visited my Blog. Thanks a lot everyone! :'D
Here's the total of Page-viewers until I write this post (based on country) :

1.Indonesia 644
2.United States 241
3.Russia 204
4.Ukraine 111
5.Germany 76
6.Brazil 27
7.Iran 24
8.Canada 21
9.China 20
10.Sweden 18

Once again, thank you everyone! XD And if you don't mind, you can add me on Facebook (Elsa Elningtyas) or follow me on Twitter (@ElsaEarl) :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hiragana Characters Part II

The Fact is Japanese can't say 'L' so they say change it with 'R'
Example : Luna -> Runa

は ひ ふ へ ほ
ha hi fu he ho
ま み む め も
ma mi mu me mo
や ゆ よ
ya yu yo
ら り る れ ろ
ra ri ru re ro
わ を ん
wa wo n

Simple right?? \(^^)/

Hiragana Characters Part I

Let's learn about Hiragana characters!

あ い う え お
a i u e o
か き く け こ
ka ki ku ke ko
さ し す せ そ
sa shi su se so
た ち つ て と
ta chi tsu te to
な に ぬ ね の
na ni nu ne no

Remember! Hiragana is used for pure Japanese language (not for foreign/adopted sentence)

Dream Guitar Of Mine

Guys, isn't this electric guitar looks gorgeous?? First time I saw it, my impression is 'what a unique one!'

This guitar name is Les Paul Standard Professional Premium Heritage Cherry Sunburst (for right-handed). So cute eh?? XD #WantSome

Learning Language

Let's learn foreign language! Firstly, the sentence that we'll learn is 'I love you' :D

English => I love you
Dutch => Ich liebe van jou
Indonesian => Aku cinta kamu
Korean => Saranghae
Japanese => Aishiteru
German => Ich liebe dich

Pretty simple, right?? lol XD okay, see you on the next time!

Teach Me About Blog!

I already saw a Blog of someone that I don't know who. Her Blog is really cute. I think she made it by herself because her Blog's template doesn't exist in well I wanna be like her---customize our own Blog--- someone, teach me to design a template or layout for Blog! -__-"

Short Post Start!

Well, I've been thinking of my Blog. I think it's way too much long and it looks awful. So I decided from now on, I'll post short posts :D But still about my life story and my feelings. I hope you still enjoy my Blog!

Sincerely, El★Sa

Promote For Twitter And Facebook

Guys, all of you already have Twitter or Facebook account right?? If you have, please follow me on Twitter or add me on Facebook! Here is my Facebook and Twitter account :

Twitter => @ElsaEarl
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Thanks guys! \(>w<)/