Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank You!

Guys, I checked the Page-viewers of my Blog. Honestly, I'm shocked! So many Page-viewers who visited my Blog and I really appreciate it. Because of it, I dedicate this post for Page-viewers who already visited my Blog. Thanks a lot everyone! :'D
Here's the total of Page-viewers until I write this post (based on country) :

1.Indonesia 644
2.United States 241
3.Russia 204
4.Ukraine 111
5.Germany 76
6.Brazil 27
7.Iran 24
8.Canada 21
9.China 20
10.Sweden 18

Once again, thank you everyone! XD And if you don't mind, you can add me on Facebook (Elsa Elningtyas) or follow me on Twitter (@ElsaEarl) :)

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