Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manga Match!!

One Morning
The birds chirping beautifully
The sky was light blue
The clouds were soft
The newspaper arrived at the front house
Opened the newspaper and I saw an event
The event is Manga Competition!!
Main Prize => 5 million
2nd Place => 3 million
3rd Place => 2 million
Nahaa!! this is it!!
I wanna join this match!
Here's the specification :
1. It can be personal or more than one people who joins the match
2. Each creation must have 5 pages
3. The participators have to send 2 creations
4. Creations mustn't involve Tribe, Religion and Race
5. Participators must send in hard copy and a CD-ROM with manga that we made in it
6. Every single page must have a student card photocopy on the back of the page
Naa~ and I had started for about..umm...maybe for about 6 days ago...
And until now (30th June 2010) I made 5 pages *cheers
I made it with a program on my notebook called 'Manga Studio'
This is a new program that my uncle installed a few weeks ago
And anyway, I haven't read the manual book yet...
But I just and there...tone..and...blah13x
hahaha, wish me luck, okay~??
Anyway, Yun-chan and aunty told me about this competition a few days ago when I went to Jogja, thank you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy Camp!

After the Super Exhausting Exams (S.E.E.) were done, my school always held a yearly program for seventh grader
The program is scout camping!
This year, my school will held the camping on 13 June 2010 until 15 June 2010
The seventh grader will have a camping beside the Prambanan Temple on Jogja
The same place as the last year's camping
And I heard about the place from my seniors
The worst is, the area of Prambanan is haunted!
Last year, when my seniors were having a camping on Prambanan, they captured an appearance!
So scary isn't it?!
Then, the camping was started
13th June - for about 7.30 AM
My school with 4 buses and 2 trucks started the long trip to Prambanan
And anyway, I became a leader of my scout group
My scout group name is 'Jasmine'
It needs for about 4 hours to get to Prambanan
Anyway, the policemen with a police car helped us to get there faster (isn't that great!!? *lol)
After we arrived there, we have to picked down our stuffs at the trucks
After that, we made our tent
From the start, I guess it will be a nice camping
But it was changed when the scout leader were gathered
Anto was there!! On the meeting!! Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
As I know, he's not a leader or even a vice leader of his group!!
What the heck he's doing there?!! He ruin my best times!!
The meeting told us about to coordinate our own group to have a lunch
The lunch time feels so fun with my friends :)
Time was running very fast and when the 6 PM, the problem started
When the Traditional Culture Lecture was started, the stars disappeared, clouds were out, the winds blew and the drops were began
Traditional Culture Lecture been canceled because the unpredicted rain
The students were back to their own tent, the teachers said to pack our stuffs
"if it just a little rain, still at the tent, don't go anywhere. But if the rain is heavy, we have to held an evacuation," the teachers said from a microphone
After I packed my stuffs, I went out on an empty field with my best friend, Lina
We was sat on an empty field having a talk, but after 45 minutes passed, her friends also have a sit with us (this is the most time that I hate when I and my best friend have a serious talk each other)
I can't say that we were having a talk...
And I'm just bored that time, her friends brought a mobile that time, and their have some pictures but I didn't come with them (I'm so ugly and so shy when I have a picture on my own!)
When her friends went back to their tent, we saw one of our teacher sat on a straw carpet alone, we accompanied her that time
She said "the teachers were watching the World Cup, but I'm no interested in it,"
As I remember, the main tent opened a white large sheet and then they watch it together with the boys
And we having a talk with our teacher
A few minutes later, we heard that my friends were having a walk with my teacher
That's fun! If I want, I want to go with them!
But they already arrived at the camp...
But the teacher said okay if we wanna go with him, so we came with him!
When we were walking on a dark place, the teacher said
Teacher : "one of your friend, (call her Anze) Anze. She saw a shadow appeared and banished when she was waiting her friend taking a bath,"
I : "!!?" *scared
Lina : "what did you say?!"
Okay, this isn't funny anymore!!
11 PM, bedtime!
After I heard my teacher said, I can't fell asleep...
After all, my group members were scared because of the dark
They keep screaming on bedtime, even when the seniors came to our tent to say that we have to stay calm and go asleep
But they can't fell asleep so fast
After I said there's nothing to worry, they fell asleep
In front of my members I have to be thought
But, it happened again at 2 AM, they screamed again
Cause of the mosquitos were on beside my ears and I heard them yelling, I woke up...
I asked what happened, they said they saw something
They saw a big black guy beside a car with a black shirt looking at our tent
But I didn't saw him or even anything but just a car
Then the boys, (call him Arto and Hanes) Arto and Hanes came to our tent
Hanes : "what is it?!"
I : "my friends saw a big black guy with black shirt beside that car,"
Hanes : "where?? where?? i don't saw anything, it is just a car!"
(call her Ria) Ria : "there! beside the car, nearby the tree!!"
Hanes : "whaaaatt?!! I don't saw a thing but just a car!! if you don't believe it, I and Arto will go there!!"
Arto : "okay , boss!!"
I : "wait! I come with you!"
Anze : "okay, I'll go to,"
After we arrived there
Hanes : "see! it's just a tree's shadow and a car!!"
We believe it but my members can't stop thinking about it
Before I back to my tent, Hanes told me that he was possessed
He said "when I have a walk with Arto, Arto and I saw a statue move down and up and then disappeared, after that when I came back to my tent I screamed and yelled, if you don't believe it, ask Arto!" Arto said that that was true...
So scary..
When I back to my tent, my friend (call her Sifa) Sifa said "hey, Hanes, I saw you through our tent at 1 PM,"
Hanes said "what?!! really?!! I was asleep that time!! I swear!!"
Things getting badder and badder...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rare Results

The Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) was finished!
And my first feeling when it was finished is "I'm freeeeeeeeeee!!!" *lol
But I still have a bad feeling that I won't pass the exam
That's horrible!
But I don't pray or even wish for it!
The next day, the result is off
Here's my results :
IT = 82
Math = 80
Javanese = 71
Nationality = 78
Indonesian = 86
My gosh, those scores were very different with Yun-chan (Nia)
She got good scores, she's smart, kind, care, gently, and also cheerful
Yun-chan scores :
IT = 90 (the top score of my class!!)
Math = 87 (the top score of my class!!)
Javanese = 82 (the top score of my class!!)
Nationality = 82 (the 2nd top score of my class!!)
Indonesian = ...uhh...I forgot...
Wow!! COOL!! Those were Rare Results...
How can I be a smart girl like her??
Anyway, today is her birthday, for Yun-chan, happy b'day! wish you all the best
(NB : I forgot to congratulate you at school today, I'm so sorry! >.<)

Freak Fan

What a Freak Fan!
I can't stand it no more!
Okay, it started when I was an Elementary School student
Every 3 months, my school make '3 monthly school magazine'
And one of my teacher asked me to draw a Doujinshi
I agreed with him and I made it
The teacher gave 20 rupiahs for it *lol
I'm so happy
Then, a few days later when the magazines were released when the lunch time the juniors from the 3rd grade came to my class brought a piece of paper and a pencil
I wonder why??
Apparently, they asked me to draw a manga character!
Some of them asked my phone number, and some of them asked me for a signature
Even my friends said "wow! just like an actress!"
My Gosh!
And, one of them (call her Sinta) became the girl who asked me for the most many manga characters
Every day, she and her friend went to my class just for a character
A few months later, I'm a Junior High School Student
And I rarely came to my Elementary School (maybe yes for pick my brother, but I'm not go out from my car)
For about 3 days ago, I went there
And I met Sinta, as usual, she asked me for a picture
I drew it of course
On the same day, Sinta added me as a friend on Facebook
And I confirmed her
Then the problem appeared
She tagged every pictures on one of my photo album on Facebook
This album is an album special for my drawings
She didn't asked permission
I still can forgive her
But when I saw her profile picture, I can't believe it!
She wear my drawing!
I love it, but at the other side, I hate it
She wear Kushina Uzumaki that I drew for about 4 months ago
She told me that she loves Kushina so much
But that's not the reason she wear my creation!
When I open her profile on Facebook
Her status was 'Ciel Kawai'
And I commented on her status
I asked her what manga she like
Sinta likes Bleach, Naruto and Black Butler
When I saw her activities on Facebook
I can't stand it!
She joined the Ichigo Kurosaki Fan Club and Tōshirō Hitsugaya on Facebook just yet!!!
If she's a Bleach fan like me, she will joined the group long time ago!
It just more like she follow me...
It's normal but I dislike it
Then I removed her from my friend list on Facebook
Sorry, but I'm so uncomfortable!!
For Sinta, I'll still draw some pictures for you but please don't follow my activities or my habit...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Good news for K-ON! lovers!
K-ON!! will become the second season of K-ON!

The story is still about the Houkago Tea Time's story
And also the characters are still Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Azusa Nakano, Sawaka-sensei, Nodoka Manabe, Ui Hirasawa and many more from the first season
The first opening for K-ON!! is Go! Go! Maniac

And the ending song is Listen!

Both were cool!!
I can't wait for it!
I'm so excited!
They are so cute~!
And also, the songs, like Fudepen, Floating Time, Curry Rice, Let's Go! are cool!!
I like K-ON! so much~ :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mad Mommy!!

This is bad, this is bad!!!
On the last 2 hours ago, there are 2 miscalls on my mobile
When I checked who called me, the number doesn't exist on my mobile
A home number...
Then when I saw it, the number called me again
I answered and I said 'hello'
The caller closed the phone
What's going on??
Then it called me again
I answered and the caller gave me a respond
It's the sound of a woman
Caller : "Hello?? is this *beep*??"
I : "umm...who's this??"
Caller : "are you Anto's friend??"
I : (what?! who is she?!)"yes??"
Caller : "oh, I'm Anto's mother, did you saw Anto?? he didn't went home now,"
I : (hey!! he's your son!! why you asked me about that?!) "I didn't saw him today,"
Caller : "really??? and I heard that you're pretty!"
I : (WHAT?!!!!) *lol
Caller : "I thought he didn't went home because he's playing at your house,"
I : (what the hell are you thinking?!! INSANE!!) "no of course!!" *angry a bit
Caller : "oh...I see.."
*vibrate (my mom's calling!)
I : "uh...mam, my mom's calling, and..."
Caller : "pardon?? you want to call this number again this night?!"
I : "NnnOOOOooo!!" *angry
Caller : "oh, okay then..."
I : "yeah! see ya!"
*thumb press the off button
I : "BAHHHH....!! Crazy Mommy!!!!"
Lina : "geez!! weird!! maybe it's Anto's friend?!"
I : "it could be..."
HUH?!! Crazy Talk with A Mad Mommy!!
If Anto weren't home yet, why didn't she called the school?!
Then, Aya passed my class and I grabbed her into my classroom
I : "what did Anto told you?!!"
Aya : "what's the matter??"
Aya : "what?!!"
I : "okay, answer my question,"
Aya : "as I know, he said '*beep must be want to be my girlfriend! I'm sure of it!' and this morning at my class, he wrote on the whiteboard 'I loves Sea Star, Sea Star loves me, we're happy family'"
I : *a half to dead!
Oh! That's why Anto's classmates always calls my name today!!
Hate it!!!
That's why my relationship status on Facebook has changed from 'single' to 'in a relationship'!!
To make him not too proud at me!!
Hate! hate! hate! hate!! *cries

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Former's Birthday

Today, June 2nd 2010
Is my former's birthday
I remember it yesterday when I saw my birthday contacts on my mobile
I forgot it... *lol
I would like to greet him but I think better I'm not
Anyway, I don't really care about it
If I greet him using a short message service, he won't reply my message
I know it cause the last message I sent him for give him a good luck for the ninth grader national exam, he didn't replied the text... *yawn
It's really hopeless if I wish him to reply my text
So, I guess I'll not congratulate him today
If I write a wall on his Facebook profile, senior Sarah (or even her friends) will give comment on it, that's what I afraid of
Now, his girlfriend is online on Facebook
Better if I offline my chat box
She always online on night-time
Senior Sarah is kind, sweet, nice but...ONLY ON FACEBOOK
In my school, her file is very full (I guess)
But I hope that she can be the best for my former :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lupin's Puzzle

For about 7 months ago
(Remember! we call him Izk)Izk borrow my manga (Eyeshield 21)
The next day, he told me that he got a letter from a guy who call himself Lupin
But, he didn't show me the letter
He got no proof
I'm not too interest in it
Lupin also gave a question, the question is 'a building who made in nine days'
What kinda weird question is that?!
I'm interested with this puzzle
And Izk said "the letter said that we have to answer the puzzle then we can get the next puzzle,"
I asked "what do you mean 'we'??"
He answered "it's true if the letter is for you, but the letter said that if you need help, you can get it from your close friend (Lupin meant Izk),"
After that, I always think about it
From the start, I think that's weird if Izk didn't brought the letter
Right, we have one suspect in this puzzle
Since that day, I thought there are no progress about it
But Izk told me that the answer of the first puzzle is the school miniature
Gosh?! Such a thing?!
How did he knew??
Since that day (again), if he got a new puzzle, he never told me about that
And he always the one who got the puzzle first, not me
When I asked about that he answered "you didn't take care about it!"
About a week ago, he told me the next puzzle
The next puzzle is : b l ↓ o o d
From this puzzle, the clues are :
1. the writer wrote it on a note book
2. the note book brand is 'My Book'
3. the note book is fake, because the paper is thin
4. the writer is a boy, because the ballpoint he had for wrote it isn't a brand for girls usually wear
5. the writer wrote it and then ripped it
6. the puzzle shows reflection
Izk told me that he got it at my school's pond did he saw it?? such a little paper on a wide place...
That's weird...
I guess Lupin is Izk
He's the one who Super Interest with mysteries
And also my friends not as smart as him, who can make such puzzles
Izk also the one who got the last puzzle with out no crumple
But what's he's goal??
Maybe he gave me a test??
Or what??
That's my mystery, if I get it already, I'll reveal it to him
Now, I'm still looking for it