Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy Camp!

After the Super Exhausting Exams (S.E.E.) were done, my school always held a yearly program for seventh grader
The program is scout camping!
This year, my school will held the camping on 13 June 2010 until 15 June 2010
The seventh grader will have a camping beside the Prambanan Temple on Jogja
The same place as the last year's camping
And I heard about the place from my seniors
The worst is, the area of Prambanan is haunted!
Last year, when my seniors were having a camping on Prambanan, they captured an appearance!
So scary isn't it?!
Then, the camping was started
13th June - for about 7.30 AM
My school with 4 buses and 2 trucks started the long trip to Prambanan
And anyway, I became a leader of my scout group
My scout group name is 'Jasmine'
It needs for about 4 hours to get to Prambanan
Anyway, the policemen with a police car helped us to get there faster (isn't that great!!? *lol)
After we arrived there, we have to picked down our stuffs at the trucks
After that, we made our tent
From the start, I guess it will be a nice camping
But it was changed when the scout leader were gathered
Anto was there!! On the meeting!! Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
As I know, he's not a leader or even a vice leader of his group!!
What the heck he's doing there?!! He ruin my best times!!
The meeting told us about to coordinate our own group to have a lunch
The lunch time feels so fun with my friends :)
Time was running very fast and when the 6 PM, the problem started
When the Traditional Culture Lecture was started, the stars disappeared, clouds were out, the winds blew and the drops were began
Traditional Culture Lecture been canceled because the unpredicted rain
The students were back to their own tent, the teachers said to pack our stuffs
"if it just a little rain, still at the tent, don't go anywhere. But if the rain is heavy, we have to held an evacuation," the teachers said from a microphone
After I packed my stuffs, I went out on an empty field with my best friend, Lina
We was sat on an empty field having a talk, but after 45 minutes passed, her friends also have a sit with us (this is the most time that I hate when I and my best friend have a serious talk each other)
I can't say that we were having a talk...
And I'm just bored that time, her friends brought a mobile that time, and their have some pictures but I didn't come with them (I'm so ugly and so shy when I have a picture on my own!)
When her friends went back to their tent, we saw one of our teacher sat on a straw carpet alone, we accompanied her that time
She said "the teachers were watching the World Cup, but I'm no interested in it,"
As I remember, the main tent opened a white large sheet and then they watch it together with the boys
And we having a talk with our teacher
A few minutes later, we heard that my friends were having a walk with my teacher
That's fun! If I want, I want to go with them!
But they already arrived at the camp...
But the teacher said okay if we wanna go with him, so we came with him!
When we were walking on a dark place, the teacher said
Teacher : "one of your friend, (call her Anze) Anze. She saw a shadow appeared and banished when she was waiting her friend taking a bath,"
I : "!!?" *scared
Lina : "what did you say?!"
Okay, this isn't funny anymore!!
11 PM, bedtime!
After I heard my teacher said, I can't fell asleep...
After all, my group members were scared because of the dark
They keep screaming on bedtime, even when the seniors came to our tent to say that we have to stay calm and go asleep
But they can't fell asleep so fast
After I said there's nothing to worry, they fell asleep
In front of my members I have to be thought
But, it happened again at 2 AM, they screamed again
Cause of the mosquitos were on beside my ears and I heard them yelling, I woke up...
I asked what happened, they said they saw something
They saw a big black guy beside a car with a black shirt looking at our tent
But I didn't saw him or even anything but just a car
Then the boys, (call him Arto and Hanes) Arto and Hanes came to our tent
Hanes : "what is it?!"
I : "my friends saw a big black guy with black shirt beside that car,"
Hanes : "where?? where?? i don't saw anything, it is just a car!"
(call her Ria) Ria : "there! beside the car, nearby the tree!!"
Hanes : "whaaaatt?!! I don't saw a thing but just a car!! if you don't believe it, I and Arto will go there!!"
Arto : "okay , boss!!"
I : "wait! I come with you!"
Anze : "okay, I'll go to,"
After we arrived there
Hanes : "see! it's just a tree's shadow and a car!!"
We believe it but my members can't stop thinking about it
Before I back to my tent, Hanes told me that he was possessed
He said "when I have a walk with Arto, Arto and I saw a statue move down and up and then disappeared, after that when I came back to my tent I screamed and yelled, if you don't believe it, ask Arto!" Arto said that that was true...
So scary..
When I back to my tent, my friend (call her Sifa) Sifa said "hey, Hanes, I saw you through our tent at 1 PM,"
Hanes said "what?!! really?!! I was asleep that time!! I swear!!"
Things getting badder and badder...

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