Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Former's Birthday

Today, June 2nd 2010
Is my former's birthday
I remember it yesterday when I saw my birthday contacts on my mobile
I forgot it... *lol
I would like to greet him but I think better I'm not
Anyway, I don't really care about it
If I greet him using a short message service, he won't reply my message
I know it cause the last message I sent him for give him a good luck for the ninth grader national exam, he didn't replied the text... *yawn
It's really hopeless if I wish him to reply my text
So, I guess I'll not congratulate him today
If I write a wall on his Facebook profile, senior Sarah (or even her friends) will give comment on it, that's what I afraid of
Now, his girlfriend is online on Facebook
Better if I offline my chat box
She always online on night-time
Senior Sarah is kind, sweet, nice but...ONLY ON FACEBOOK
In my school, her file is very full (I guess)
But I hope that she can be the best for my former :)

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