Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manga Match!!

One Morning
The birds chirping beautifully
The sky was light blue
The clouds were soft
The newspaper arrived at the front house
Opened the newspaper and I saw an event
The event is Manga Competition!!
Main Prize => 5 million
2nd Place => 3 million
3rd Place => 2 million
Nahaa!! this is it!!
I wanna join this match!
Here's the specification :
1. It can be personal or more than one people who joins the match
2. Each creation must have 5 pages
3. The participators have to send 2 creations
4. Creations mustn't involve Tribe, Religion and Race
5. Participators must send in hard copy and a CD-ROM with manga that we made in it
6. Every single page must have a student card photocopy on the back of the page
Naa~ and I had started for about..umm...maybe for about 6 days ago...
And until now (30th June 2010) I made 5 pages *cheers
I made it with a program on my notebook called 'Manga Studio'
This is a new program that my uncle installed a few weeks ago
And anyway, I haven't read the manual book yet...
But I just and there...tone..and...blah13x
hahaha, wish me luck, okay~??
Anyway, Yun-chan and aunty told me about this competition a few days ago when I went to Jogja, thank you!

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