Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freak Fan

What a Freak Fan!
I can't stand it no more!
Okay, it started when I was an Elementary School student
Every 3 months, my school make '3 monthly school magazine'
And one of my teacher asked me to draw a Doujinshi
I agreed with him and I made it
The teacher gave 20 rupiahs for it *lol
I'm so happy
Then, a few days later when the magazines were released when the lunch time the juniors from the 3rd grade came to my class brought a piece of paper and a pencil
I wonder why??
Apparently, they asked me to draw a manga character!
Some of them asked my phone number, and some of them asked me for a signature
Even my friends said "wow! just like an actress!"
My Gosh!
And, one of them (call her Sinta) became the girl who asked me for the most many manga characters
Every day, she and her friend went to my class just for a character
A few months later, I'm a Junior High School Student
And I rarely came to my Elementary School (maybe yes for pick my brother, but I'm not go out from my car)
For about 3 days ago, I went there
And I met Sinta, as usual, she asked me for a picture
I drew it of course
On the same day, Sinta added me as a friend on Facebook
And I confirmed her
Then the problem appeared
She tagged every pictures on one of my photo album on Facebook
This album is an album special for my drawings
She didn't asked permission
I still can forgive her
But when I saw her profile picture, I can't believe it!
She wear my drawing!
I love it, but at the other side, I hate it
She wear Kushina Uzumaki that I drew for about 4 months ago
She told me that she loves Kushina so much
But that's not the reason she wear my creation!
When I open her profile on Facebook
Her status was 'Ciel Kawai'
And I commented on her status
I asked her what manga she like
Sinta likes Bleach, Naruto and Black Butler
When I saw her activities on Facebook
I can't stand it!
She joined the Ichigo Kurosaki Fan Club and Tōshirō Hitsugaya on Facebook just yet!!!
If she's a Bleach fan like me, she will joined the group long time ago!
It just more like she follow me...
It's normal but I dislike it
Then I removed her from my friend list on Facebook
Sorry, but I'm so uncomfortable!!
For Sinta, I'll still draw some pictures for you but please don't follow my activities or my habit...

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