Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rare Results

The Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) was finished!
And my first feeling when it was finished is "I'm freeeeeeeeeee!!!" *lol
But I still have a bad feeling that I won't pass the exam
That's horrible!
But I don't pray or even wish for it!
The next day, the result is off
Here's my results :
IT = 82
Math = 80
Javanese = 71
Nationality = 78
Indonesian = 86
My gosh, those scores were very different with Yun-chan (Nia)
She got good scores, she's smart, kind, care, gently, and also cheerful
Yun-chan scores :
IT = 90 (the top score of my class!!)
Math = 87 (the top score of my class!!)
Javanese = 82 (the top score of my class!!)
Nationality = 82 (the 2nd top score of my class!!)
Indonesian = ...uhh...I forgot...
Wow!! COOL!! Those were Rare Results...
How can I be a smart girl like her??
Anyway, today is her birthday, for Yun-chan, happy b'day! wish you all the best
(NB : I forgot to congratulate you at school today, I'm so sorry! >.<)

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