Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hello readers, nowadays I'm having fun by sketching and painting. I'm a newbie in this case. Idk cus nowadays there are so many inspiration around me that I wanted to paint or sketch. I'll post some of my creation right after this, what do u guys think?

But last night I got issues with my papa, when I told my parents since I uploaded my creations, some teens wanted me to draw a sketch for them. Suddenly papa said that they should pay for 1 million. Liek what?? U think imma pro sketcher or what? Sounds ridic I guess. And he said that these stuffs annoyed my study hours. Hello, have u ever ask me about my school grades? I'm pretty fine with my school grades. I don't think this activity isn't gonna be a disturbance in my education path. So like in the end he said "okay, do whatever u like" but then he slam my bedroom's door. If u were me, what would u do??