Friday, January 27, 2012

CV. Ichiban!

Hello readers :) next Wednesday (1st February 2012) I, Novi, Amel, Via, Yogis and Fahmi will sell some foods, drink and stationery for our IT lesson. Our CV name is Ichiban and Ichiban stands for number one in Japanese language :D We sell these things so I hope you would like to buy it ;)

Our brochure, I created this anyway, lol

Choco Krunch - 2.5 K

(from left to right)
Ring memo - 8 K
3D memo - 8 K
Angry Birds memo - 4 K

(from left to right)
Cactus pen - 6.5 K
Nut eraser & ruler - 4 K
Bear pen - 3 K
Animal eraser -2 K
Animal mechanic pencil - 3 K

Tissue - 2 K

Coreng (Fried Chocolate) - 4 K

Here are our products that we can't display
Milkshake - 5.5 K
Barbie doll pen - 3.5 K
Hamster head pen - 3.5 K
Mechanic pencil - 3 K

Want to order? Just contact our CP or post a comment below with your name, class, and your order, we'll be waiting! ;) (P.S. buy a lot of them, you won't regret it XD )

My Virtual Diary ♥

Dear my virtual diary (a.k.a. Clumsy Journal), here is a special post for you ;)

            I have a virtual diary. It’s a blog anyway and it is my favorite stuff. I can say it’s a diary because I always write my activities and feelings there. I choose a blog as a diary because I also can ask people about their comment about me. Besides, it also increases my technological capabilities and my English because I always post a blog post in English language. My virtual diary was created on March 2010 when I was seventh grade. My pals who taught me in blogging was Cinka and Novita. They introduced me about their blog then I’m interested then I try it step by step. My virtual diary name was Kuro Blog or means Black Blog. And it changed to ElSa Blog. And now the name of it is Clumsy Journal. Because it noted every single clumsiness of mine. Anyway, the URL of my virtual diary is
            I posted many things from the most unlucky moment until the most fortunate moment. And I try to add some photos on my blog post because I love photography and travelling so much so I can share the view or the venue that I looked or visited. Until now, the pageviewers of my blog reached 6,000 and increasing. The pageviewers from each country who get the top rank is Indonesia and the second is from USA. There are 29 followers of my virtual diary until this second. It contains more than 100 photos. My virtual diary has 130 posts.
            And of course, a blogger can choose whether they want to use a template that others created or make it on they own. And for me, I made my virtual diary’s own template. Its background is white because I want the pageviewers focus on the photos, not the background of my blog. It’ll be too much if I use the crowded background for my blog. And my hope is I can improve my blog so then I can put some sponsor on it. Because the fact is, more pageviewers of your blog you get, more money you can have. That means we can earn some money from blogging. But still I have to learn some more so I can put sponsor on my virtual diary. Just wish me luck for it.

Actually this is for my English homework but I'd love to dedicate this post for you, my Clumsy Journal :) I love you my virtual diary :*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Futsal With 'Him'

Yesterday, 'he' came to my house and he played futsal with Rio on Puri Perdana Field :D I came with them but of course I didn't play futsal with them. lol

'his' glasses :)

reminds me with 'Captain Tsubasa' XD lol

We enjoyed it but after a while, rain fell down and we went back home. It was really fun :) I hope someday we can play together again.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tournament Time

As you know, my lil bro will catch on a tournament, so last Thursday  I, Rio and my mom went to Salatiga by car. Yeah, we went there after mom picked me from school. Before we started the journey, we went to Carrefour Srondol to took a lunch. It was rainy. Then after we bought some snacks, we started to move...

Our destination was Le Beringin Hotel, It's located in Jl. Jendral Sudirman on Salatiga. We didn't really know the actual location of this hotel. But we tried our luck. Luckily, the hotel is on the main road of Salatiga street. We checked-in and we put our bags in our room, 104 on the first story of the hotel.

Getting bored. So I and Rio went to something that we call 'place survey' it's kinda looking around the place. It's really exciting for both of us. Otherwise, Rio is my 'partner-in-crime' for making such foolish moves :)) while we were having place survey, I took some pics ;)

On 8 PM, we were starving. Then we decided to look for some food on the hotel's resto. Rio did a clumsy move. Yeah, walk in the pool -.-" you know what I mean..

I ordered this yummy Tom Yum for dinner :)

It was a relaxing night. And before I went to bed, I watched The Last Airbender on HBO.

Then, in the morning when we were having breakfast...

Here's Salatiga City! :D

Then, on 8 AM, we arrived at Tridanggu Stadium for Rio's first football tournament :)

It was rainy, but the game still on...

Rio's team lose, but at least they already do the best :D

I didn't bring much cloth so mom took us to Omah Mode Salatiga to buy a cloth for me

The mirror in the bathroom XD

What do you see? :D

I LOVE YOU :* @Fathul_Rizal

The price tag of my new cloth

Ah yeah, we went to Semarang and stop by on Calcio Futsal Stadium to watch my lovely one played futsal for a hour :)

Hi there! XD