Monday, May 31, 2010

Ready, Set, Fight!

Next Monday!!
The Final Battle in the seventh grade will starts!!
From now, I'm trying to study harder
Here's the story :
I'm preparing to be ready for the exams
It's a Super Exhausting Exam (S.E.E.) but I have to do it or not
Can I or can't I move to the eighth grade
I have to!
If I failed on the exam, that's very embarrassing!
My predicate on my school will be down!
The Student Organization will 'Say Good Bye' for me
New students will laugh at me
My parents will not show their face anymore at the school
I'll disappoint myself
On the High School I'll not enter the Pioneering International School
Many things will happen if I failed!!
Each day, I try to read the Text Book even just an hour
The most difficult lesson for me is Social
I always gets bad score for this lesson
Many scary scores!
Also, Javanese!
I'm not really sure for this lesson
How I can past this one?!
Help meeeeee!!!
But I have to do it! do it! do it! do ittt!!!!
Settle the Battle's strategy!
Here's My Weekly Dose :
1. A bunch of Social Text Book
2. A plate of Javanese 'Pepak'
3. 4x Mathematics formula book
4. 2x Nationality Text Book and Student Worksheet
5. 10x reading and solve English questions
6. 8x Mind Map for each difficult material
7. 4x Religion Text Book
8. 4x Science reading and summarize
9. 2x Art and Culture reading and Mind Map
10. 3x Music memorize songs
11. Many more!!
I hope it could help me
The exams will starts on 7th of June 2010
I hope my scores were the best of the best!
So everyone, wish me luck!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear Formers

Hey there
Just want to tell my heart's feeling
Honestly, I miss my formers
And this is my heart's want to say
First, (call him Joker because I love him because he's a Joker type)Joker
Miss you Joker, dunno why
I miss your laugh that makes me happy to hear it
I miss your smile with your innocent face
I also miss your funny short message on my mobile
Joker always sits besides me when we were elementary school students
And the teacher always make us more blushes
Like the English teacher said "why both of you not go on a date??" and the science teacher said "I bless both of you to be a couple," also the math teacher said "the perfect couple in our class is talking right now~ hahaha,"
And also the student's parents from my elementary school saw us blushes in front of the court on the canteen! and the student's parents said to my mom "look at your daughter! she's blushing!" *laughing
A boy like you is an extra rare boy of this century *lol
You're smart, clever, talented, romantic, funny, cute, kind, care, not a quite one, active and also a Joker
And I really enjoy those lovely times we spent together
And I miss those special times...
Second, (call him Sky, because he's a fan of Sora on Kingdom Hearts)Sky
What're you doin' now??
I hope you and senior Sarah were just fine
Thanks for everything you gave me when the Students Organization test
You are the one who interviewed me that time
Also when we were on a date beside the School Health Unit, I miss that time
That time, we were on a date accompanied by a song from your friends
Your friends were kind
Then, thank you for the Kingdom Hearts picture on Facebook
That you tagged me as Kairi and you tagged yourself as Sora
And I wonder why you didn't removed the tag until now?? *laughing
I keep it as a memento
When we were on a date, as you know, my face always turns red and after it I always smiles by myself at the class
Anyway, you promised that you wanna teach me play guitar, right?? *laughing
To both of you, do you know??
Both of you raised me up, so I can stand on stormy seas
And when we spent our time together, my heart always beat imperfectly
When I was sad in the middle of rain, you came with an umbrella on your hand
And I really grateful for everything both of you gave me
And there'll be always a place for both of you in my heart even just a little...


Plagiarism is copying or imitating a picture or comic
For the international world, this is a bad and unnecessary thing that always makes conflict
And this plagiarism happens to Bleach!!
Gyaaaaaaahh!!! My favourite manga!! *crying
Bleach been traced by Incarnate
Incarnate is a manga which created by Nick Simmons, the son of a popular musician : Gene Simmons from KISS band
Nick already say sorry, but for us, the fans, this is a big problem
Here's the proofs :

Ichigo-kun, Orihime-chan, Kenpachi-san and Grimmjow-san been imitated! *crying
I hope this problem can be finish with no long time...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Things Getting Weird

Okay, my early post said that my former (Amad) broke-up with his girlfriend (Sarah)
They relationship status on facebook changed again!
From single to married
What wuz that?!
That one is weird!
Things getting more weird when I arrived at home
I found up my house floors-full-o'-water!
What's goin' on when I wuz gone??
No waters came out from the faucet
No leak at all
My friend (Sani) asked me last day
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "pardon...?"
Sani : "is 7H class had dismissed??"
I : "WHAT?!'
(as I know, Sani's boyfriend is a 7G student (call him Tori). And I wuz confused why she asked 7H not 7G??)
Sani : "maybe not yet??"
I : "what're you thinking?! don't tell me you fell in love with someone from 7H?! Don't betrayed Tori!!"
Sani : "no I'm not betrayed him!"
I : "Ahh..?? really...? or you fell in love with (call him Izk) Izk??"
Sani "no, I'm not..!" *blush
I : "bahh.."
Sani is a playgirl, eh??
And I guess in a week there'll be more things getting weird...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The 13th Post

This is the 13th post!
Who said that 13 is an unlucky number?!
For me, 13 is my lucky number
Okay, in this post, I want to tell you something
My former (just call him Amad) and his girlfriend (call her Sarah) broke-up!
Geez! What happen with them?!
As I know, they have no any problems in their relationship!
They always have a date on school break times
But Sarah's relationship status on facebook was changed from married to single!
What happened?!
I have no idea with it
And also Sarah's status on facebook is 'I HATE MY BOYFRIEEEND!!!'
What's the matter with their relationship?!
Until now, it's a mystery...


This morning (26th of May 2010), my friend (call her Aya) told me that a boy from her class(let's call him Anto)...LIKES ME!!
She said "he likes you, you know? He want to tell his feelings to you after school, today. When he ask that, just answer 'yes' okay?"
Wha-what should I do?!
I want him to be my friend!
He's nice and also a basketball lovers too
But I don't know how to say it to Anto
When break times I always seek, trying not to seen by Aya
And I made it, but...
At the 3rd break time, Aya caught me!
Then she asked "what's your answer??" after I heard that, I change the topic and thank goodness I'm save for a while
When the additional lesson started, my teacher told that my class and Aya's class be collected for this time
I don't know what to do!
I only try my best not to look at Anto
Why it happens today?! Geez!
And the additional lesson was over
And I ran away to my class and picked-up my school bag and ran to 7G class
There, I told to my best friend (call her Lina) what happened an hour ago
Then she said "if he's the best for you, why not?" and I said I just wanna be his friend
Then, when I want to go home, I saw Anto and Aya playing badminton at the hall
I ran away as fast as I can
If I say 'yes' to Anto, it's not because of love but because of compassion
If I say 'no' I'll be the 4th person who declined him!
What should I do...?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Dreamer's Dreams!

I guess I'm a dreamer!
These are list of my dreams :
1. I wanna be a mangaka so I can match Tite Kubo
2. I wanna take my family traveling around the world so we can be together where ever we go
3. I wanna take my mother to Mecca so she can make her dream come true
4. I wanna take my little brother to Japan so he can smile widely
5. I wanna take my father to England so he'll be happy
6. I wanna be a home schooling student so I can find more experiences
7. I hope my seniors at 21 JHS never leave 21 JHS and still at the same grader so we can meet and laugh together
8. I hope I can be a student president of my school so I can be closer with them
9. I hope I can play 'Floating Time' song with a guitar so I can make myself happy
10. I hope I can go to Japan even just once so I can visit the Tokyo Tower
11. I hope I can get 100 on my tests so I can make my parents proud
12. I wish I could enter the heaven when I past away so I can meet my family there
13. I wish I can be a shinigami just like Bleach so I can do Shunpo
14. I wish every people all around of world be happy so the world can smile
15. I wish world have no war so children can play peacefully
16. I wish there are no global warming so the end of the world is far
17. I wish Jacko alive so I can watch his concert
All of it just a little peace of my wishes and dreams, I hope all of them not end just be a dream, but be a reality, amien

Childish Classmate

She is my classmate
Let's call her 'Rana'
At the first time I became a student of 7A, I didn't realized if she is like that
At the first moment, she said that she want to join the Student Organization of my school
I thought she is smart, but after the selection
The seniors decided not to received her as a member of Student Organization
When I heard that, I wonder why?
But a few months later I knew the answer
I found it because of an internal problem of my class
It was started just because of her words
She said 'the owner of Joglo Semar is my father!'
We don't believe it of course!
She has no proof!
One of my classmate, she's a daughter of nasmoco company
How about we call her 'Sani'?
Rana said to Sani 'nasmoco, huh? not like my father Joglo Semar!'
Sani was offended by her words
She cried a lot that time
Even she wrote a note about Rana on Facebook
Then I as the a member of Student Organization had to solve the problem
I made both of them sat on the floor of my class and we discussed about them
The problem finished smoothly
Last day, my friend (just call her 'Nia')told me that Rana cloned her best friend's (just call her 'Liya')blog layout and Nia keep asking why Rana cloned Liya's blog
It's true if Liya's blog is cute and adorable (I like it too!)but just because of it Rana mustn't cloned it!
Many cute blog layout, right? And Rana can search more cuter blog layout too!
Make your own style dude!
Nia asked to Rana when the study tour will up
Nia : 'Rana, why don't you donate some bus for our school study tour?'
Rana : 'why I should?'
Nia : 'promotion of course!'
Rana : 'hmm, I don't think so'
Huh?! If I was Rana, I'll asked my dad for it!
Promotion is the motive of course!
One lie statement proofed
My friends asked me 'Rana is a childish girl don't you think?' and 'why Rana always make her voice cuter? however, it's not her true voice I think'
Many friends hates her because of Rana is childish, girly, and many more
Honestly, it's true I think
And I keep wondering why?
And also a gossip said 'she always wear pink stuffs cause of her mother' but I don't know about it
Anyway, a month ago
She was sick and she should stay at the hospital
One day, I visited her
I saw her beautiful mother
She wears a veil, her skin is white, she's friendly and she also has a nice smile
But her father (or the owner of Joglo Semar maybe,hahah)he wears a short pants, black skin, and he's not a friendly guy!
Oh my gosh, so different
Just like the sun and the moon!
Nia told me if yesterday Rana called her mobile and asked what's the material for tomorrow's test
Nia answered Rana
Rana said 'thanks, anyway, congratulation, your 'Ignoring Rana Plan' is succeeded!' then Rana closed the phone
Nia wondering why Rana knew about that, 'as long as I know, the only one who knew about this plan is Liya' Nia said
And things getting worst because of Rana
I think the story of Rana still have a looooong way to go...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Little Brother

I have one little brother
He is very cute
But he's so tiny for kids his age
He is the most little student in his class
Now he's on the third grade of an elementary school nearby my house
He loves toys so much
I wonder why??
Now he's nine years old
But he's still sleep besides our mother
It's true if we sleep together in a room but that's not a reason why he always sleep besides our mother
Can I make him independent??
Maybe I can, but I think it's hard...
Now he's sitting alone on the floor besides the curtain still hoping that mom will let him absent tomorrow
C'mon he had a long holiday two weeks ago!
If I were him, I'll miss my school so much!
And also he always plays my laptop when he have a long holiday playing Pet Society and Bus Driver all day
When I home, he still play those games!
Great, now he's sitting besides me looking at my aunt's laptop screen, I guess he want me to borrow him our aunt's laptop
Nice try!
But he's kind (but sometimes)
And if he want study harder, he'll be a brilliant kid
I'm sure about that
He just like 'the diamond in the rough'
Lil bro, I hope you can be smarter and be more confident!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

S.E.E. (Super Exhausting Exams)

Two more weeks
The exam will starts
Our next destiny depend in a week
We have been studied for 1 year, but why our 'one year full of study' just for a week?
This country is so weird! (or even freak)
I guess I'm not ready for it
I'm not smart
If I study very hard in 3 days or more, it'll end on the paramount bed of a hospital
I'm not a bookworm or a smart one or even the hard worker!
I just wanna be 'me'
I'm so worry about this exam, how I can past through it?!
Also, there's a RSBI test next Monday
If we don't have good score, my school will have lower predicate
It's not only depend on me but all of 7th and 8th graders
I'm not so worry about the 8th grader, but the 7th grader is!
If I have to be honest, (sorry) 7th grader doesn't have enough smarts students (even a girl like I am can join this school)and the brainless students have no try with study
This is terrible...
The 9th graders are GREAT
The 8th graders are SMART
And the 7th grader, I'm hopeless with it...
I don't like it
Just with a piece of paper can make you fail or even success
Things getting badder and badder...

Friday, May 21, 2010

'Curtain Never Shuts'

Is a Farewell Party for my seniors...
The stage was settled
Many chairs in front of it
Red carpet is out
For seniors (especially from the last Students Organization members)
Many days we've past
From zero until now
At the matriculation program
We don't know each other
But after weeks we past
We know each other and we also share many things
The members of Student Organization...
I'm so jealous looking at them
They looks like a big family in my school
Friendship, Love, Sharing, Family they have it!
I like them so much and I keep wondering could be it happens now...
But I think that's really hopeless...
A group of smart students who will be you never found anywhere!
I gonna miss all of them :'(
Then for my former's girlfriend
Haha, yeah it's senior Meta
Take care of my former 'kay?? :)
Then for the 'Mami'
hahahaha XD
Thanks for trained us 3 months ago
All of you are the best! X)
If we have a competition again, please come to school again!
Don't worry about the meal! hahaha
For all of 9th grader seniors, Good luck on the Senior High School! Thanks 4 everything! Gonna miss all of you! 21 JHS really proud to have seniors like all of you! X')

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th 2010

Today I didn't went to school
But I went to a Mall in my town
My friend's mom asked me to come with her to promote her cosmetic product
Her cosmetic product is familiar, so maybe you know what product it is
At the first time, I was nervous
Because my mom left me alone with my mom's friends-in-business
And I'm afraid if I can't work properly
My duty is give a brochure for each people who passing through the stand
I can't imagine what will happen next
A few days ago, I'm sure if I'll be okay for this job
And I hope so!
A lady passing through the stand!
I tried to be confidence
I said "Would you mind? Join our promo?"
'I did it!!' I said to myself
She just took the brochure from me and she went to the lower floor
My lip began to smile widely
I made it!!
After that, many person passing through
And this is my chance, one by one I gave them the brochure
Until the end, from many people I gave
There was just one lady with her little daughters who bought our product
Well but today I learn many from today's experience...:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When, Where, How

When I can get a true love?
Where I can found him?
How I can realize it?
Many questions about my 'Romeo' that I looking for
But those 3 questions are the main questions from a million questions about my true love
I still can't find him
Every day I always asks to myself
"Where's he? Will I get him? Did he realize it too?"
I'm so confused about that
People says 'You will find him, he'll never go away because God sent him to you'
I believe with it
But, how about if I can't find him or he can't find me?
If we met, can we fell in love each other?
Will we be a couple?
So many days I past, but I can't find the answers for my questions
We met, but we don't love each other
It could be happen isn't it?
Many stories will happen
Could be 100 stories
Or could be 1000 ways...
Just one person, but it's very hard to find him
'True Love' I guess It's a person which hard to I find...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Best Friend

It's true if she is kind
It's fact if she is cute
It's reality if she can make me laugh
But I don't understand why...
After I went live the town
She became a 'conqueror' since I left the town
She thought she is the main character of every manga she knew
If the main character is a male, she'll thought she's the main female character of it
She said to my friends (included my first love) "I'm Amu Hinamori!"
But I dunno what happened to my friends,they just thought if that's the TRUE!!
She thought if she's Rukia Kuchiki,Misaki Ayuzawa,Sakura Haruno,Ichigo Momomiya,Kagome Higurashi and blah blah blah!!
Honestly, I HATE IT!!
Didn't she realized that I want to become a main character too just once? :'( that's cruel...
I always got the 'back stage' characters!
What kinda friend is that?
My first love also claimed that he's Kurosaki Ichigo,Takumi Usui,Sasuke Uchiha,Aoyama Masaya or even Inuyasha!
Grrh...if both of them fell in love each other,why they didn't go in a date?!
And also if he likes Bleach,she'll like it too
If he likes Inuyasha,she'll like it too!
Also he likes Naruto,she'll like it too!!
They always be a couple on an anime...
Something's weird with 'em...
Or maybe her...?
Look,I don't hate her,but I dislikes her who always wanna be 'someone's character'
Why don't she built a story with her as the main character?She dislikes herself?
Why don't she told him the true that she love him?Why she lies with her own heart?
Why she always took the main character?Is she hates herself?
Why she always pretend like that?Wanna hurt me?
Still many un-answer questions about her...
If she think he's her match love for her, why don't she honest to herself or himself?
She don't have to be like that if she love him
But why she never be honest even to her own heart...?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


He's funny
He's cute
He's adorable
He's smart
He's clever
He's talented
That's what I think about you long long time ago...
But then,we broke-up
Since that day we never meet again
You betrayed me
You let me down
You don't tell me why you broke my heart until now
I hate you so much since that day
And I try not to remember you again
We were star-crossed...
And then,we meet again...
I saw you, and you also saw me
Your voice doesn't change much
Your jokes still makes me laugh
I dunno why...
My heart feels warm when I was beside you
Why? Why? Why?
Am I fall in love again with you?
Or I missed you?
I even can't understand myself...
But I hope I'm not fall in love again with you...

Friday, May 7, 2010


I always play on the main stage
I have many friends who makes me laugh
I have a BF (psst!) who loves me so much
I have a best friend who always understand me
But then...
Today, it's change...
I never go out from the shadow of a big tree
From that place
My friends have new friends
Also, my BF breaks up with me
Then, I saw my best friend with her friend playing all around
And I begin to step my foot, go far away from under the tree
I dunno where else to go
And I still looking for tomorrow...
Like a hopeless butterfly reaching the blue sky...

My New Life

I'll give you the clue
My New Life will starts :)
I hope this new life could make me better
You want to know what that is??
I won't tell you
hi hi hi :)
Just guess it!