Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th 2010

Today I didn't went to school
But I went to a Mall in my town
My friend's mom asked me to come with her to promote her cosmetic product
Her cosmetic product is familiar, so maybe you know what product it is
At the first time, I was nervous
Because my mom left me alone with my mom's friends-in-business
And I'm afraid if I can't work properly
My duty is give a brochure for each people who passing through the stand
I can't imagine what will happen next
A few days ago, I'm sure if I'll be okay for this job
And I hope so!
A lady passing through the stand!
I tried to be confidence
I said "Would you mind? Join our promo?"
'I did it!!' I said to myself
She just took the brochure from me and she went to the lower floor
My lip began to smile widely
I made it!!
After that, many person passing through
And this is my chance, one by one I gave them the brochure
Until the end, from many people I gave
There was just one lady with her little daughters who bought our product
Well but today I learn many from today's experience...:)

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