Sunday, May 30, 2010


Plagiarism is copying or imitating a picture or comic
For the international world, this is a bad and unnecessary thing that always makes conflict
And this plagiarism happens to Bleach!!
Gyaaaaaaahh!!! My favourite manga!! *crying
Bleach been traced by Incarnate
Incarnate is a manga which created by Nick Simmons, the son of a popular musician : Gene Simmons from KISS band
Nick already say sorry, but for us, the fans, this is a big problem
Here's the proofs :

Ichigo-kun, Orihime-chan, Kenpachi-san and Grimmjow-san been imitated! *crying
I hope this problem can be finish with no long time...


  1. Ah!! It make me be shock... *cry (TT)

  2. yeah, I don't know what happen next but I'm sure Kubo-sensei is upset with this thing --"