Tuesday, March 29, 2011

60+ Earth Hour

Last Thursday, Mrs.Tanti called the girl 8th grader Scout Chamber Members
When we were gathering in front of the Teachers Room, Mrs.Tanti told her reason why she gathered us
Her reason is; the girl 8th grader Scout Chamber Members will join the Earth Hour at Town Center of Semarang
Our job is to demonstrate PBB and some kind of cheers
It’s a pleasure for everyone, but we guess that Rotun can’t join this occasion
Either when we were gathering there, Rotun didn’t show up
So we assumed that she can’t and her father won’t let her
It wasn’t a thing that makes us really confused
The Earth Hour occasion will start at 7 PM and we have to show our demonstration when the lights are turned off
It’s kind of a show without lights
And the duration isn’t as long as the light turned off; 15 minutes, while the lights turned off in 60 minutes
On Thursday, the entire girl of 8th grader Scout Chamber Members accepted the invitation
Next day, Mega said that her mother won’t let her join it because there’s no one who can pick her up at night while the occasion will be run until night
This problem which made us confused
In the beginning, Ari got an idea; one of the girl of 7th grader Scout Chamber Member will help us fill in the blank positions
But we were saved because Mr.Pit said that the school will send us home one by one with the school bus
Then, in the afternoon Mega sent the entire girl of 8th grader Scout Chamber Members a message on Facebook
It’s about our cheer lyrics
I think the lyrics are very nice and creative (and I think Mega is a good one for making lyrics for songs)
We are agreed to gather up at 21 JHS on Saturday, 4 PM
The clock showed 4 PM on Saturday
We gather up, but not as usual, that day Fuli didn’t late
We had our last practice first for about two hours
After that we had a pray, but we got to wait Mrs.Tanti
We were late a few minutes because Mrs.Tanti was late
Changing plan! Our demonstration will be show at KB Garden (in front of 1 SHS Semarang) and our demo duration is 20 minutes
So we change our destination
When we arrived there, it was dark and only some of lights that turned on by the official
Guess what?? When I saw the official’s shirt, I want of those shirts!
It’s a nice shirt! It has “60+ Earth Hour” picture with black background
I want some!! #mumble
Bad news! The demo court isn’t as wide as we thought!
The court is very small for us so we can’t move too far if something goes wrong
Another bad news for us, the fast is 6 SHS also join this occasion and we have to share our time with them but our PBB and cheers needs for about 15 minutes while we only have 10 minutes for our demo while they have also the same time with us
We changed our strategy as fast as we can
Here’s our new plan : we will have PBB but only 1st variation, 2nd variation, main moves and Stick Kolone, after that the cheer will be show up in 7 minutes and the total time will be 10 minutes
Another bad news, we already set the cheers and memorize it, but Mr.Facthu said we came there not only by the name of 21 JHS but also by the name of Indonesian Scout! Meanwhile our cheer lyrics were full of Michelia and 21 JHS!
What a DOOM!
Why he told us right when we want to show up?!
As fast as we can, we change and rememorize the lyrics
Another doom, Ani as the leader wasn’t really remember about it
So she was angry and told us to shut our mouth up so she can practice by her own
It was dark and only candle lights which show our way
There were a lots of audience...
And a few of them was costume player!
Guess what?? There was a costume player who wore Amagai-taichou from Bleach costume!
What a cool outfit and I want one!
30 secs before we show up, we were nervous because many audience there and we haven't really memorize it...
But we have to do it no matter what...
9.45 PM, we step our first step in the small court
The audience started look at us
Our big voice was the attention center
When we show up there, almost of them laugh and enjoyed with our performance
Anyway, my favorite part is when there was 60+ written by some candles!
After the show, almost of them said "bay scout!"
So many people who said that to us when we walk past through them!
The light was still off, and Mr.Fatchu told us to have a dinner snacking first before we go home
We decided to eat snacking dinner at Tahu Gimbal
A fantastic candle light dinner with girls of Scout Chamber member!
There, we ate dinner together, and some candle lights

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whoa Oh! By Forever The Sickest Kids

I candy-coat and cover everything
but I'm still hiding underneath
It's been a long time,
It's been a long time
A thousand faces looking up at me
hands all pointing to the ceiling
Oh what a feeling

I've got friends in highly low places
I'm standing on post, and I'm posted up
cant afford to lose them
I've got friends and highly low places
I'll go inside when I wanna party
Grab a girl and dance (don't touch me)

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all, whoa

Girl, who taught you how to move like that?
at this pace you're at you're at you're going way too fast
I, I saw you from across the room
It's me vs. every guy
It's your choice, you choose

I've got friends in highly low places
it's been a long time it's been a long time
and maybe baby you can rise above the rest to meet me

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa Whoa oh Whoa oh,
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I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all,

You're worth,
losing my self esteem
Your clever words mean
nothing more to me than
than a line i heard in a movie
You're worth,
losing my losing my losing my self esteem
You're not worth,
putting myself in these situations

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
Why do I put myself in these situations
Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh,
I keep pushing myself even though
I can't take it at all

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life And Love

Sunny Day
Windy Wind
Cloudy Sky
Love Is Here

At the first time, I said that falling in love is sweet
I say so because the one that I love also have same feelings with me
That's what I thought
But that time...
It ended when he said that he don't want to nearby me again

Wind Stops Its Blow
Light Turns Dark
Sweets Becomes Treats
Wings Are Broken

I tried to wipe my tears and let my sad feelings gone
Then I met that guy
A senior in my new school made me loose my sad feelings
But just for a while...
It ended when he thought that I have a crush with my best friend, and he also did the same thing; fell in love with someone else

No Shiny Days
The Wind Breeze That I Couldn't Feel
Dropping Tears
Sweet In The Tongue Turns Bitter

I thought the world is really cruel to me
I thought I wouldn't find someone to be mine
I thought wherever I go I'll not find someone
I thought the end of my Love Story becomes nearer and nearer
When I thinks so 'he' came to my life

The Rain Stops
Rainbow Colors In The Sky
Shiny Sun Appears
Wind Blows Again

'He' makes me smile, laugh and remembers me what love feels like is
And I really hope this story doesn't ended up like before...

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Love ‘Him’

Good news everyone, I’m in a relationship! *cheers~
And do you want to know who the guy is??
Alright, he is the Vice Students Council President and also the captain of 21 JHS football club
Here’s the story
March 9th 2011, Lina told me that someone is falling in love with me
And she said it without asked me to try to guess who the guy is
“Your own Vice is falling in love with you,”
Actually I and ‘he’ already have a closure in this week via mobile message
And honestly, I have a strong feeling with ‘him’
Lina told me that she should make me to fall in love with ‘him’ because ‘he’ told so
Remember, in the beginning I didn’t ask anything about it and then Lina said it without my request
March 11th 2011, before teaching scout and swim, I had a conversation with Lina
I told her that I’m falling in love with ‘him’ and I guess when the swimming time Lina told that to ‘him’
And I guess that’s why ‘he’ shot me in the evening
‘He’ said that ‘he’ loves me and ‘he’ wants to be my boyfriend
And I told ‘him’ 2 conditions and ‘he’ accepted it so I said yes
Oh, geez~ #blushed
Ah yes, nice date right?? (11/03/11) *lol
First, 10/09/08
Second, 20/08/2009
Third, 11/03/11
Next morning ---March 12th 2011---, Lina said “ *cough PJ~” then Indri heard it
So she assumed that I have a relationship with someone ---remember, she was just know that I have a relationship with a guy that he don’t know yet---
And extremely, she told it to everyone in the class then everyone tried to figure who the guy is
Then Nia said “the Vice President Students Council, right?!” I can’t tell a lie so I answered “yes, he is,”
Then…WOW! Most of my friends said “PJ PJ PJ PJ!!!”
Oh Lord…I was totally blushed until I can’t say a thing
But I told them if I have much money I will
Anyway, today after school, I, Nisa, Ayu, Azmi, and the others will have a basketball match against Anto, Blacky, Archa, and the others
Two days before, I asked ‘him’ to watch me have a basketball match but I forgot that today at the same time, there’s a football tournament at Calcio Stadium
So I understand why ‘he’ didn’t watch me when I was having a basketball match
The basketball match was really exhausting but also fun until no one count the score so we don’t know who’s the winner
At 11.30 AM my family picked me up and I told them that there’s football match at Calcio Stadium
They offered me to watch the match and of course I said yes
When I arrived there, I decided to watch the match longer than the first plan so I told my parents they could leave me then they pick me up when I call them
They agreed and they leave me at Calcio Stadium
I watched the match, that time, my class was having a match with 8B class
Unfortunately my class was loose but I was very enjoyed because of my class’ play, I have lots of fun when I watched Utama kick the ball without thinking where will the ball jump
After my class’ match, it’s ‘his’ class turn!
And ‘he’ also played for the match
Honestly, I want to support ‘him’ out there but before I do it my face always turns red
So I didn’t cheer him up… #loser
I have been counted ‘his’ Shot To Goal, and the total is about 3 shots that ‘he’ scores
Unfortunately, ‘his’ class also loses this match
And I saw ‘him’ spill bloods from ‘his’ teeth
I was so worried until I have a talk to him after the match
I : “how’s the score??”
‘him’ : “7-5…”
I : *grab his bag “hey, cheer up. Your face is terrible,”
‘him’ : *smiles
Aww~ I really enjoyed it *lol
When I was waiting for my parents to pick me up, I met Lina, Syira and Fuli
They were waiting for a vehicle to go home
So I decided to joined them while waiting for my parents
When I was waiting, ‘he’ wanted to go home with Adhi by motorcycle
Lina said “hey! Why don’t you accompany your girlfriend??”
I : “it’s okay!”
Lina : “as a boyfriend, you have to accompany your girlfriend first, right??”
I : “it doesn’t matter!”
I have a feeling he want to but he can’t so I said “it’s okay…”
“I’ll go home first, okay???” ‘he’ asked
“It’s fine. Be careful okay??” I answered
Right after ‘he’ left, my parents picked me up
When I arrived at home, ‘he’ sent a message to me
‘he’ said that he’s sorry to go home earlier than me because ‘he’ is exhausted
And I think it’s okay
I think this is gonna be a long Love Story of us *giggles and blushed
Then, on March 13th 2011
'He' and K Football Club visited my house
I was blushing and then my little bro asked "which is your boyfriend, sis??"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Template

Do you see any different in this blog??
Okay, I know everyone do
A new template~! #cheers
This template was made by me but also I got some help from Liya ---she is the Master Of Blogger in my class---
Liya taught me to make a template on my own
Nice isn't it??
The template is really classic, old stuffs and fresh fonts
I really LOVE it!
Maybe I should give this a name, and I figured it out
This template name is Classical Fresh! #lol
In the beginning I was searching for good templates on www.blogskins.com
I found a Black Butler template! Its picture was Sebastian with his gloves
Then when I downloaded it I searched for another template and I found Shakugan No Shana template!
But I don't really like the picture so I didn't download it
After that I searched for Vocaloid, but the result isn't as many as I expected
There were just 3 Vocaloid templates and I don't really like the image
I searched and searched, I found Ciel and Sebastian template!
The template is nice and I love it!
But unfortunately it looks really awful when I used it as my blog template
I was almost give up until Liya came then she taught me to make a very nice template <3
She is really on time before I give up

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jaques (Act II, Scene VII, lines 139-166) by William Shakespeare

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms;
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lin'd,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well sav'd, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion;
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

Dear Dumb-Dork-and-Dick Dude

This is the second post of the month but I will write something that happened to me that TOTALLY makes me angry
As we all know, after the Study Tour to Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung ended we have to make a report about this
I ALREADY SAID THIS to all of my group members before we go for Study Tour “I can’t write an article about this because I have no time (training for scout competition, Students Organization jobs, home ordinary responsibility, a bunch of home works, many test and examinations, Sister School to Singapore and Malaysia) to write it. So if you told me to make it, I won’t make it because it’ll only stuck all of us with bad score for the report, so I’ll do the taking photos job,”
All of them were agreed
So when we were there, I took many photos, for about 200 photos
Then several days before today, (call him) ‘Dumb’ or ‘Dork’ or ‘Dick’ it’s up to you, Dumb told this to me “hey, where’s your article about the restaurant when we were on the travel to Jakarta??”
I : “hello~?? I already told all of the group members that I can’t!!”
Dork : “but the article is haven’t completed yet! Because of YOU didn’t give us the article!”
I : “hey~, this is not my job and out of my responsibility! I already told you in the beginning!”
Dumb : “I haven’t heard about it yet!”
Then I start to think, okay this dude is REALLY AMUSING!!!
If the article is my responsibility, I’ll do it! But if not I won’t!!
We had a great debate about it, and until now I won’t make myself looks like the one who make a very big mistake!
Ani saw me and Dork having a great debate and she told Dumb that I’m the person who doesn’t make a mistake here
I was REALLY grateful!!
HAH!! Eat that DORK!!
Before this problem, I gave him the copy of photos that I took when we were having Study Tour
I thought that he’ll keep it carefully and won’t make troubles with that
He is a DUMB!! Guess what?!
He uploaded all the photos to Facebook!!!
Hey DICK!!! Are you a fool?! Other groups will save all of the photos less than 30 minutes instantly but I took the photos more than 3 days!!
Think about my sacrifices, your behaviors, your mistakes, your selfish emotion but the most important is YOUR DUMBNESS!!
I told him to delete the photo album from his Facebook account in 24 hours but he didn’t!!!
ARRRGGGGHH!!!! This dude is a trouble maker!!
He said “how do we can delete this album from my Facebook account??”
If I have to be honest, next time I won’t join a group with him inside it!!
And don’t be worry if he read this post, he DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH without Google Translator
Until now, I haven’t talk to him yet, he’s the one who made a fatal mistake and I won’t make friends again until he beg for it
And now, I’m waiting for his gentle act, oh yeah and I also think that he is a bitch
Because until now, he doesn’t want to talk to me or even tell me that he’s sorry
If he is a gentleman, he’ll talk to me at least a word!
That’s the point, he’s DORK, DUMB, DICK!!
And I HATE him so much!word!
That’s the point, he’s DORK, DUMB, DICK!!
And I HATE him so much!

Making Friends Is Not Easy

I think making friends is not easy
It’s the truth if I’m the Students Council President
But it doesn’t makes me have many friends just like in Manga and movies
The fact is they’re scared to me
I don’t know the reason why, and I also can’t figure it out
I realized it when (call her) Rien told me to do something, she said that I have ‘power’ to do it
Even also when (call him) Ragra said “I’ll annoy you…no, wait…I’m scared,”
But he didn’t say why he said that
Now, I’m feeling so lonely
Because, no one standing beside me until now…
Well, maybe Lina is but Lisa and Angel always nearby her
I won’t let anyone upset just because of myself
I think that Lisa and Angel would more need Lina than me
Anyway if I make friends with someone else, that’s not a good idea
The fact is no one in my class would make a good friendship story with me
The reason why is; each of them already have their own group, I can’t stuck up with them who doesn’t care or even understand about Students Council or other Students Organizations in my school, and I can’t talk with them because I have different interests with them
Actually, Nia, Liya, Rian and Indri are nice
But sometimes I can’t talk with them because the discussion topic that they are talking about I something that I don’t want to talk about
Oh, and also there are two groups in eighth grader, let’s call it K for the boys and B for the girls
Well (maybe) I’m the B group’s president
K group’s total member is for about 30 boys
While B group’s only 5 including me
The members of group B is; I, Lina, Syira, Fuli and Gana
Maybe you’re wondering why I don’t make friends with them
Let’s check it out one by one
First, Syira
Honestly, she is care, nice, and a novel lover
But she already makes friends with someone else and she is a person that I can’t completely understand
Well yah, sometimes she talks kindly in front of us but we can’t know what she will say in the back of us
And…psst…I think the word she says is harsh and over-confidence…
Second, Fuli
She’s cute, funny and knows a lot about Japan
But she also makes friends in her class
Honestly, sometimes she talks really harsh and cruel
And that’s absolutely not my friend type
Third, Gana
She is pretty, funky and modest
But I think that’s the reason why I won’t make her as a best friend of mine
She is over-funky while I’m not, that wouldn’t make us match
Last, Lina
As I said in the beginning of this post
She is match to me but sometimes not
And also she already has many friends
Until now, I’m still confusing about this problem
Just a while, I thought that no friend will not stuck me up with them
But I realized it’s wrong
No friend is lonely…