Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Template

Do you see any different in this blog??
Okay, I know everyone do
A new template~! #cheers
This template was made by me but also I got some help from Liya ---she is the Master Of Blogger in my class---
Liya taught me to make a template on my own
Nice isn't it??
The template is really classic, old stuffs and fresh fonts
I really LOVE it!
Maybe I should give this a name, and I figured it out
This template name is Classical Fresh! #lol
In the beginning I was searching for good templates on
I found a Black Butler template! Its picture was Sebastian with his gloves
Then when I downloaded it I searched for another template and I found Shakugan No Shana template!
But I don't really like the picture so I didn't download it
After that I searched for Vocaloid, but the result isn't as many as I expected
There were just 3 Vocaloid templates and I don't really like the image
I searched and searched, I found Ciel and Sebastian template!
The template is nice and I love it!
But unfortunately it looks really awful when I used it as my blog template
I was almost give up until Liya came then she taught me to make a very nice template <3
She is really on time before I give up

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