Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Dumb-Dork-and-Dick Dude

This is the second post of the month but I will write something that happened to me that TOTALLY makes me angry
As we all know, after the Study Tour to Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung ended we have to make a report about this
I ALREADY SAID THIS to all of my group members before we go for Study Tour “I can’t write an article about this because I have no time (training for scout competition, Students Organization jobs, home ordinary responsibility, a bunch of home works, many test and examinations, Sister School to Singapore and Malaysia) to write it. So if you told me to make it, I won’t make it because it’ll only stuck all of us with bad score for the report, so I’ll do the taking photos job,”
All of them were agreed
So when we were there, I took many photos, for about 200 photos
Then several days before today, (call him) ‘Dumb’ or ‘Dork’ or ‘Dick’ it’s up to you, Dumb told this to me “hey, where’s your article about the restaurant when we were on the travel to Jakarta??”
I : “hello~?? I already told all of the group members that I can’t!!”
Dork : “but the article is haven’t completed yet! Because of YOU didn’t give us the article!”
I : “hey~, this is not my job and out of my responsibility! I already told you in the beginning!”
Dumb : “I haven’t heard about it yet!”
Then I start to think, okay this dude is REALLY AMUSING!!!
If the article is my responsibility, I’ll do it! But if not I won’t!!
We had a great debate about it, and until now I won’t make myself looks like the one who make a very big mistake!
Ani saw me and Dork having a great debate and she told Dumb that I’m the person who doesn’t make a mistake here
I was REALLY grateful!!
HAH!! Eat that DORK!!
Before this problem, I gave him the copy of photos that I took when we were having Study Tour
I thought that he’ll keep it carefully and won’t make troubles with that
He is a DUMB!! Guess what?!
He uploaded all the photos to Facebook!!!
Hey DICK!!! Are you a fool?! Other groups will save all of the photos less than 30 minutes instantly but I took the photos more than 3 days!!
Think about my sacrifices, your behaviors, your mistakes, your selfish emotion but the most important is YOUR DUMBNESS!!
I told him to delete the photo album from his Facebook account in 24 hours but he didn’t!!!
ARRRGGGGHH!!!! This dude is a trouble maker!!
He said “how do we can delete this album from my Facebook account??”
If I have to be honest, next time I won’t join a group with him inside it!!
And don’t be worry if he read this post, he DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH without Google Translator
Until now, I haven’t talk to him yet, he’s the one who made a fatal mistake and I won’t make friends again until he beg for it
And now, I’m waiting for his gentle act, oh yeah and I also think that he is a bitch
Because until now, he doesn’t want to talk to me or even tell me that he’s sorry
If he is a gentleman, he’ll talk to me at least a word!
That’s the point, he’s DORK, DUMB, DICK!!
And I HATE him so much!word!
That’s the point, he’s DORK, DUMB, DICK!!
And I HATE him so much!

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