Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life And Love

Sunny Day
Windy Wind
Cloudy Sky
Love Is Here

At the first time, I said that falling in love is sweet
I say so because the one that I love also have same feelings with me
That's what I thought
But that time...
It ended when he said that he don't want to nearby me again

Wind Stops Its Blow
Light Turns Dark
Sweets Becomes Treats
Wings Are Broken

I tried to wipe my tears and let my sad feelings gone
Then I met that guy
A senior in my new school made me loose my sad feelings
But just for a while...
It ended when he thought that I have a crush with my best friend, and he also did the same thing; fell in love with someone else

No Shiny Days
The Wind Breeze That I Couldn't Feel
Dropping Tears
Sweet In The Tongue Turns Bitter

I thought the world is really cruel to me
I thought I wouldn't find someone to be mine
I thought wherever I go I'll not find someone
I thought the end of my Love Story becomes nearer and nearer
When I thinks so 'he' came to my life

The Rain Stops
Rainbow Colors In The Sky
Shiny Sun Appears
Wind Blows Again

'He' makes me smile, laugh and remembers me what love feels like is
And I really hope this story doesn't ended up like before...

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