Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making Friends Is Not Easy

I think making friends is not easy
It’s the truth if I’m the Students Council President
But it doesn’t makes me have many friends just like in Manga and movies
The fact is they’re scared to me
I don’t know the reason why, and I also can’t figure it out
I realized it when (call her) Rien told me to do something, she said that I have ‘power’ to do it
Even also when (call him) Ragra said “I’ll annoy you…no, wait…I’m scared,”
But he didn’t say why he said that
Now, I’m feeling so lonely
Because, no one standing beside me until now…
Well, maybe Lina is but Lisa and Angel always nearby her
I won’t let anyone upset just because of myself
I think that Lisa and Angel would more need Lina than me
Anyway if I make friends with someone else, that’s not a good idea
The fact is no one in my class would make a good friendship story with me
The reason why is; each of them already have their own group, I can’t stuck up with them who doesn’t care or even understand about Students Council or other Students Organizations in my school, and I can’t talk with them because I have different interests with them
Actually, Nia, Liya, Rian and Indri are nice
But sometimes I can’t talk with them because the discussion topic that they are talking about I something that I don’t want to talk about
Oh, and also there are two groups in eighth grader, let’s call it K for the boys and B for the girls
Well (maybe) I’m the B group’s president
K group’s total member is for about 30 boys
While B group’s only 5 including me
The members of group B is; I, Lina, Syira, Fuli and Gana
Maybe you’re wondering why I don’t make friends with them
Let’s check it out one by one
First, Syira
Honestly, she is care, nice, and a novel lover
But she already makes friends with someone else and she is a person that I can’t completely understand
Well yah, sometimes she talks kindly in front of us but we can’t know what she will say in the back of us
And…psst…I think the word she says is harsh and over-confidence…
Second, Fuli
She’s cute, funny and knows a lot about Japan
But she also makes friends in her class
Honestly, sometimes she talks really harsh and cruel
And that’s absolutely not my friend type
Third, Gana
She is pretty, funky and modest
But I think that’s the reason why I won’t make her as a best friend of mine
She is over-funky while I’m not, that wouldn’t make us match
Last, Lina
As I said in the beginning of this post
She is match to me but sometimes not
And also she already has many friends
Until now, I’m still confusing about this problem
Just a while, I thought that no friend will not stuck me up with them
But I realized it’s wrong
No friend is lonely…

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