Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scout Incident Part 2

Yesterday, the last big race for us; the eighth grader Scout Chamber Members
I woke up at 5
I sat on my bed and in my mind I thought ‘will us win the competition today..??’
Many thoughts that got to my mind…
6 AM, we gathered on 21 JHS
As usual, Fuli late as always…
Everyone thought that we are ready
Before we have our journey to Sultan Agung SHS, I asked Utama what did he practiced for KIM (because I and Utama have responsibility for KIM material)
So I studied with him
He knows a lot, but he forgot to study about scanner (the KIM material is about IT)
When we arrived at Sultan Agung SHS, we saw our biggest enemy for the Scout Competition’s ---1 JHS--- base-camp
The competition started, all of us split based on our material competition
I and Utama had to go to Building E’s Hall
The KIM’s rule is 90 seconds for memorize and look at the picture while 5 minutes to answer, there are 20 pictures that we should to write down in a piece of paper
Well, in the end I got 19 stuffs that I remember and I’m sure 75% from all of it is correct
Then, I asked Utama about this
He also got 19 stuffs, but he’s faster than me when we do the task
Then I checked the pioneering, I stood on the top of Michelia’s pioneering but it doesn’t move AT ALL, amazing!!
I asked about the Morse, they said that they just got 1 mistake
While PU/PUK was succeeded
Nia had job to do this PU/PUK, after she finished it I said to her ‘I don’t know why, but I have a very bad feeling…’ she can’t give any comment about that
And Sandi, just 1 confusing number
I was really optimistic about this, but somehow, I even don’t know where it comes from… I felt that something’s not right here… even I said this bad feeling to Nia
But I have to stay focus for PBB
It’s a little bit not succeeded, but when I have mistake that I did, the judge didn’t saw me because they were writing the score
So PBB was completely saved because of weird judges
Yel-Yel competition, the moment that I waiting for
I scream and yell as strong as I can until I can’t stop my sweat for moments
Yel-yel competition was great and firing!
All of the race end at 2 PM
After that, my family took me somewhere else
So I didn’t saw the Competition Winner Announcement by my own
5 PM, I was waiting for the message that will appear in my mobile inbox
I asked Lina about the announcement but she said that it haven’t been announced yet
A quarter past 6, I sent Lina a message and asked about the announcement
She answered ‘we just got 3rd seat for PU/PUK’
WHAT?!! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! I mean, HELLO!? We already give our best but why we still have bad news?!
We already do the best, the name of 21 JHS goes with us and we make it down, but why?! Why we didn’t win the competition?!
I thought at least we’ll have the 3rd seat but I guess I was wrong
Tarantula was better than us; they got 1st seat for Morse and 3rd seat for PU/PUK
I shocked and I can’t believe it so I called Lina
She said that it is true
Michelia was really shocked and disappoint
And I started to think that Mr.Pit said was RIGHT but we won’t listen to him
I think yesterday was a total humiliation for us…
It becomes regret that we can’t erase
The seniors already heard about it, I realized that they are really disappoint to us
Anyway, the seventh grader Scout Chamber Members won the competition on SMK 17
Competition, if we win it’ll make our pride higher but if we lose the competition will be the sword that would kill our pride especially for 21 JHS as a school with great scout reputation for years
Because of this, Rotun told us that her parents doesn’t agree anymore if she still be one of the eighth grader Scout Chamber so she won’t train 7th grader with us anymore
And Erma’s parents will not permit her to enter a RSBI SHS because she doesn’t win this competition

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