Thursday, February 10, 2011

Students Council President

It's been about 4 months I officially became the new Students Council President
Honestly, be a Students Council President is a difficult job
Every word I say will be my responsibility
Each step that I try to do will have many difficulty
Every task that I received will involve the Students Council name
Each thing that I do will be the place where spotlight's light stops
Every responsibility that I have will be my pride but as well as a sword that could kill my pride
In the beginning, actually, I don’t believe someone like me could be ---and chosen as-- the Students Council President
But because about 367 from 576 students in 21 JHS chose me as the next Students Council President, I can’t let my ---even a half of 1 cm---foot step backward
Even if I try to go back, will I be someone who dares to do it with innocent face??
Senior Tama (remember?? The last Students Council President on 21 JHS), a person who be the most diligent and really cares about school’s organizations (anyway, I don’t really hope he read this one #lol)
A period when he be the Students Council President, he always do the correct purposes like always wearing black shoes when school time, put the top school uniform in the shorts, wearing complete attributes, be the Ceremony Leader properly, never absent from school ---as I know---, never wearing jacket ---even when he was sick--- and many examples that he done when he was the Students Council President
Yeah, I heard about that he was chosen by Mr.Pit (not the students) so he could be the Students Council President, but I must say he’s a really great Students Council President
After he doesn’t seat his throne anymore, he always look after us (amateurs, beginners, rookies, dicks, some kind of that) as a senior but also as the Students Council President former
He said that he will look after us so 21 JHS won’t stop its ‘light’
I think that’s a wise choice…
When he says that I thought in my tiny brain and slow brain-processor, will I be a better Students Council President or at least as good as him…??
I’m not really optimistic about this one
I never figure out what will I do next so I could be a better Students Council President
This few days, I can’t sleep really well for thinking of this problem…
My question is, will I could surpass senior Tama…??

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