Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Green Hornet

Guys, guess what??
I got two days ‘retirement’
On Monday, I and Mom and my little brother went to hospital
I got sore-throat and a fever
Then the doctor said that I have to have a rest for two days
Gosh! In the beginning I tried to refuse it but my mom said “that’s great because I also want to have a rest, in this few days I’m so tired,”
So I can’t refuse it…
The reason I want to refuse it because the last Scout Competition is less than a week!
In the end I don’t have practice or preparation for it for two days
Okay, so today (9/2/2011) is the last day of my ‘retirement’
Today, I went to many places
In the morning, I went to Bank, Post Office, Photo Studio (for the Scout Competition registration), McDonalds, my little brother’s Elementary School, and…
O yeah, bad news, my grandfather checked-in to the hospital (again) because of his heart again…
I feel so sorry about that, my mom heard about the news by phone and after mom end the call her nose turned red and she started to cry…
Then this afternoon, I and my mom picked my little brother earlier
After we pick my little brother we went to the hospital
My grandfather got a room, and the room number is 307
The clock showed 4 PM
Actually, mom promised that we’ll watch The Green Hornet together this week
So (ssh! Don’t tell anyone okay! Especially my family!), after we went to hospital we went to PARAGON to watch The Green Hornet
I guess mom want to watch it today because she needs a refreshing thing because lately she is totally frustrated…
We got Studio 3 and A 7-9 seat
It tells about a son (Reid Britt) of a head-chief of a newspaper company who loves to be trouble-maker in his school
Then he met his dad in his dad’s office then his dad asked him not to be a trouble-maker
His dad was very disappoint to him then he grabbed Reid’s ‘Superman’ toy then he broke the toy with put its head off from its body
20 years later, Reid loves to party and make such his life gone crazy
His dad warned his son for the things that he done, but the son won’t listen to his dad
Next morning, when Reid enter his family’s mansion, the reporters, journalists, cameramen, was in front of the mansion
They asked Reid what is his reaction about his father’s dead
Reid didn’t know a thing about his dad’s dead
His dead actually dead because of a sting of a bee
He knew about it when he saw the reporters asked him about it
And, when Reid’s father been buried there was a statue of Reid’s dad built nearby Reid’s dad graveyard
Next morning, based on the tradition, Reid has to take-over his dad’s job
He doesn’t know anything about newspaper thing
Even he never read a newspaper from the beginning until the end of it
He was really frustrated
One morning, he found his morning coffee with different taste that he ever taste each morning
He angrily looking for the housekeeper and asked “why does my coffee taste’s feels different?!”
“Oh, sir, the coffee maker as well as a mechanic doesn’t work here anymore since your father’s dead,”
“Who is this guy?!” Reid asked
“It’s Kato sir,”
“I want Kato NOW!!” He answered angrily
Then when Kato arrived, Reid asked Kato why the coffee that Kato make feels tastier than the other coffees
The answer is Kato built a machine that has function to make a coffee
Kato is a genius!
He could make unique cars!
Those cars can blow fire, has handguns, bazooka, bombs and many things that you can’t imagine!
Reid seems very excited about Kato, and then he asked “where are you from??”
“I’m from Shang Hai, do you know Shang Hai??” Kato answered
“Oh yes, I love Japan!”#LOL!
Reid got some loony idea
He asked Kato to make their life crazier than ever; do crazy things in night with some outfit so no one could figure who is the guy behind the mask
Kato accepted Reid’s loony idea
Their first crime is put off Reid’s dad statue
When Reid put it off, he saw a bunch of criminal that surrounding a couple
The ‘bad boys’ hurt the couple so Reid jump off from the bushes and shout “hey! Leave them alone!!”
The criminals turned to Reid
Reid said “now I’m in trouble! Kato! Help!”
Kato is listening to the music in the car then heard Reid’s voice then he jump off from the car and help Reid with his karate jutsu
Kato is awesome!
Then Kato and Reid escaped, but Reid been captured by a CCTV Camera so in the next morning his picture be the first page in the newspaper
Reid was more excited for doing this job
In his office, he made Kato be his assistant
When there was a meeting about the last night’s crime, one of the meeting person said “should we give a name to this fella (Reid, actually)??”
“Ah! What about the ‘Green Bee’??” (he got this name from some pages of newspapers that he saw in front of him)
“No, I don’t like it,” many of the meeting persons said it
“What about the ‘Green Hornet’??” Kato asked
“Yea, much better!” most of them agreed for Kato’s answer
Every night, Kato and Reid always shows their acts (as criminals and heroes)
And Green Hornet becomes really famous but there’s someone who dislikes if the Green Hornet be famous…
Exciting right?! Just watch the Green Hornet!
An amazing movie that you can’t miss!

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