Monday, February 7, 2011

Peaceful Ending

Clouds in the crystal blue sky
Light in the dark
A calm stream
Wide field of yellow grasses
Big tree behind me
Standing at the valley

A girl with long white dress
She has short black hair
Bring a paper plane
Looking for a quite and high place

A boy with black jacket and a white shirt and blue shorts
He has short black hair
Bring a red balloon
Looking for a quite and high place

The girl saw a high and calm place
While the boy saw a high and quite place

Both of them was walking to those place
And then they stopped their foots

The girl looked and stair at the crystal blue sky
The boy looked straight forward and he saw a calm stream

That girl closed her eyes
That boy looked down to his foots

Then the girl flew the paper plane
Then the boy let go the red balloon

Both of them turned back and they leave those place together at the same time...

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