Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lacrimosa By Kalafina

Joining harmoniously in the dark
Despair and the future
The moonlight that exposes my sorrow
Shines coldly

With the secret you gave me as a companion
I proceed into the silence of the blue night

Broken and vanishing into the distance
I want to love this dazzling world once more
I hide my dreams within my eyes
Until my tainted heart
Receives falling tears

A phantom carriage parts the darkness
On its way to where there is light
The trap known as dreams
Lures us into the inferno

To the merciless gods above the sky
No cry will get through

Let us become firewood that has been burnt until we are hollow
And burn that sky until it is no more

Fallen and born here
I want to love this blood-soaked world without fear
Instead of being forgiven, forgive and have faith
And remain on the face of this earth
To count the tearful days that pass

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