Photography By ELSΔ

 Kartini Beach, Jepara, Central Java

As you can see guys. This page is special for my Photography pictures! ^^ Enjoy the pictures guys :D

Serata Swimming Pool & Hotel, Semarang, Central Java 

This picture was taken by me at Serata Swimming Pool and Hotel. If you want to spend night at Semarang especially Banyumanik sector, you can have it here! :)

Buddhagaya Temple, Semarang, Central Java

This is on of the most popular object that you can visit on Semarang. Here, you can see a huge Buddha statue inside this Temple.

 Prambanan Temple, Jogja

Prambanan Temple, people believe that there are about 1000 temples who built up Prambanan Temple. Legend said that Bandung Bandawasa built those temples in one night... Exciting right?? Find it out on Prambanan Temple, Jogja, Indonesia :D

Looking for fresh air on Semarang?? You can find it here! This place name is Umbul Sidomukti. Not only fresh air, you also can see clouds beneath your foot!! Amazing right?? This is Semarang's 'Genting Highland' :D

Seaworld Indonesia Ancol, Jakarta

Look at those fishes! Cute eh?? :D You can see them at Seaworld, Indonesia. It's located in Ancol, Jakarta... Have a nice trip! \(^^)/

 Lubang Buaya, Jakarta

Those statues are made to respect Indonesia's reformation heroes. You can find these statues at Lubang Buaya, Jakarta. You can also find out the history of Indonesian Reformation there.

 Dufan Ancol, Jakarta

Looking for some freakin' out game?? This is the right place you can visit! This is Jet Coaster who called 'Halilintar' (or in English calls Lightning). It's located on Ancol, Jakarta. Especially in Dufan. There are many interesting games you can try there.

The Main Stadium of Indonesia; Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

This is when I and my family went to GBK to have a jogging in the morning when I'm on vacation :D


This is when I and my family went to GBK watch the battle between Indonesia VS Bahrain :)

My First Crane Origami :D

Made by me, using Mimin's red-coloured origami, tought by Mega :)


Caught when we were on Salatiga :D

When I was on Singapore for Sister School Program, watching Songs Of The Sea :D

@ Sentosa Island :)

Petronas Twin Towers @ KL

At R&B Grill Jogja :)