Monday, October 31, 2011

Johnny English Reborn

Have I told you?? on 26th Oct 2011, my mother took my little brother and I to XXI PARAGON. We've planned to watch a movie. I've got seat bumber B-13 :) the film is entertaining and Rowan Atkinson strikes back with his ridiculous acts XD As you know, Rowan Atkinson acts as Johnny English, a secret agent who made a big mistake in the day of inauguration of the new President of Mozambique. After that, Johnny went to a training for years. When he already done with the training, CIA called him again to incharge once again. And the journey of Johnny English starts again :D a funny and entertaining movie you must watch!


I'm pissed off! My test results are so baaaaaaad! DX I don't know what makes my scores down :( I think I should change my study strategy and increase my study time at home... Oh Gosh, what's happening to me??! DX Arrgh!

Public Question

Hey, anyone who read this post, please answer my question. When you want some money to purchase some expensive stuffs, what will you do to increase your money? Please answer me, because I really need some money so I could buy the thing that I want without ask my parents or my family >.<" help please!

Sneak Peek for My School's Magazine

My school will release the new school magazine shortly. And I sent my Manga creation for it. I reall hope my Manga will be published by the author of my school magazine. Here's the sneak peek of my Manga :D enjoy~

What's your comment about my Manga?? :D hehehe

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween Day! :D Well, as you know, people in Indonesia doesn't celebrate it. Even not all of the citizen of Indonesia know about this day. Actually, if I live in another country I wanna say "Trick or Treat" in front of my neighbour house and get some candies from them :) Oh, and I wanna wear an angel costume XD Honestly, angel outfits must be white or bright color (very contrast with my skin -.-" lol) but at least I wanna try! So, Happy Halloween for all of ya! \(^^)/ TRICK OR TREAT!

Sense of Fashion

You know, one of my dream is to be a designer. Little by little, I started learn about fashion by buying GADIS magazines and spent my money for new outfits so I can have mix & match experiment. Mix & macth is such a fun thing :D The fact is it can improve our fashion sense. I'll try my best a little by little so I can learn more about fashion :) wish me luck guys!
P.S.and if you know how to make a Fashion Blog and make your Blog popular, please contact me!