Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scout Incident Part 1

Today is H-1 for the Scout Competition
Because the ninth grader students are having a Try Out this morning until 9 AM, so we have much time to prepare for the competition
Mr.Pit said that we have to arrive at 21 JHS on 7 AM
Our most biggest regret is this time
That time, all of the 7th grader Scout Chamber Members were already arrived
But the eighth grader Scout Chamber Members weren't there yet
Michelia only got 5 members while the Tarantula only got 7 members on 7 AM
In the beginning already thought that Mr.Pit will angry and very disappoint to us ---the eighth grader Scout Chamber Members---
Because of that the 7th grader had the practice earlier than the eighth grader
I was a little upset because we didn't have ANY efficient practice at all (from the beginning and until now)
Tarantula was better because they had a Pionering practice
Michelia had nothing but in the end we could had a PBB practice
After all of us done with our practice, Mr.Pit gathered us
He said it seriously, with no doubt
"The eighth grader, I won't permit you to have a competition tomorrow, all of the eighth grader will not have a competition tomorrow!"
All of us shocked
We tried to beg him
But he still don't let us to have the competition...
In my mind, I thought if Mr.Pit thinks that IT IS the best for us, the best for 21 JHS, why not?!
But the other eighth grader Scout Chamber Members said “no way that we could retreat from this competition! We already registered and we already trained our self until today! We can’t end up like this!!”
Phew, this is the part that I MOST hate
And I thought there’s no way Mr.Pit will say bullshit just to drop our mind or even test our toughness, that’s an INSANE move! He won’t play us just like we are dolls and he also thinks what will happen next
But I really regret the part that I can’t stop my friends when they still want to have this competition even if they have to die
They just keep blaming, mumbling and anything about that
The fact is they WERE blaming Mr.Pit because all of THESE
Maybe I’m silly, maybe I’m dummy, maybe I’m idiot, maybe I’m a fool, maybe I’m a dick, maybe I’m stinks but I THOUGHT ‘Mr.Pit always have reasons for each steps that he walks, and the reason why he retreat us is because we ARE NOT READY YET for this, if we’re not ready for this we’ll end up loose and make 21 JHS’s reputation down’ and if it also brings the good name of 21 JHS I as the Students Council President of 21 JHS won’t let 21 JHS’s reputation down for good!
The other eighth grader Scout Chamber Members still REALLY WANTS TO have this race
And they said that we’ll try harder and harder to get the trophy
They promised, and I really regret it, why I still give them trust??
If I know it will happen, I’ll not let them move further anymore
Then, Mr.Fatchu said that he’ll talk to Mr.Pit so things could have ending up clearly and fairly.
*Bell School Ringing
“All of the eighth grader Scout Chamber Members please gathers up at 9F class,”
All of the eighth grader Scout Chamber Members gathered up
Mr.Fatchu brought good news; he said that we’ll still have a competition tomorrow and Mr.Pit permitted us
All was settled and we have to do the best for tomorrow…

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